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Updated February 5, 2023

So you’ve heard all about how lumbar support in office chairs decreases back pain and creates an all-around more comfortable experience. But now you’re wondering how exactly to determine if your office chair, or a top-quality office chair you’re interested in purchasing, even has this feature. If you aren’t sure you have lumbar support in your favorite office chair, then don’t fret.

In this article, we explain how to check your chair and what to look for so that you can ensure you have the most comfortable work chair for your office. Alternatively, if you fancy yourself a gamer, you can check out how gaming chairs work. The best gaming chairs will offer the same great support and features as the best office chairs.


  • Proper lumbar support is the key to eliminating lower back pain.
  • Not all office chairs provide lumbar support.
  • Identifying lumbar support is as easy as looking at your office chair’s backrest.

Why Lumbar Support in Office Chairs Matters

You may ask yourself “What is an ergonomic chair?” Ergonomic chairs focus on supporting you to help eliminate fatigue and strain on your body. One of the most important features of ergonomic chairs is the lumbar support. To understand why lumbar in office chairs is so important, you first need to understand the natural curvature of your body.

Lumbar support helps you promote that natural inward curve and prevent the common tendency to lean forward when sitting in an office chair. If you find yourself leaning forward in your office chair, then you may not have proper lumbar support and should consider purchasing a new office chair or external lumbar pillow. An external lumbar pillow can work as an office chair accessory to prevent any back pain that you may get from leaning forward.


Follow these simple steps to find out if your office chair has lumbar support or not.

STEP 1 Check Product Descriptions

Check Product Descriptions If you still remember the product name or model number of your office chair, then you can easily find out if it features lumbar support by looking it up online. Read through product descriptions and product manuals to determine if this ergonomic feature is in your chair. Be aware that some off-brand office chair manufacturers will say they have lumbar support in their chairs when in reality there is none. This is why it’s important to physically check your chair, as well.

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STEP 2 Check for Fixed Lumbar Support

If your chair has fixed lumbar support, you can simply turn the chair around so its back is facing you. Fixed lumbar support usually comes in the form of a plastic bar that spans horizontally across the back of the chair. If you see this bar, press against the front part of the backrest to determine if there is an area that is more firm. Your chair may also have a larger cushion in the lumbar region, which is easily noticeable.

STEP 3Check for Adjustable Lumbar Support

If your chair has adjustable lumbar support, you will see a similar plastic bar across the back of the chair. However, you will also see a lever or dial that allows you to raise the bar up and down to fit your back. It is important that you check the seat’s dimensions and ensure they’re sized correctly before you purchase an office chair with adjustable lumbar support.

STEP 4Check for Dynamic Lumbar Support

Dynamic lumbar support is harder to identify, and you may only be able to tell if your chair has it by looking at the product description online. This type of lumbar support adjusts with your movements and is usually only found in high-end office chairs.

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STAT: One of the most common reasons for missing work is lower back pain. (source)


How do I know if my office chair has lumbar support?

An easy way to tell if your office chair has lumbar support is by looking at the backrest and seeing if there is an additional component providing extra support.

What is the best office chair for lumbar support?

The best office chair for lumbar support offers either fixed, adjustable, or dynamic lumbar support features.

What type of office chair is best for lower back pain?

Office chairs with lumbar support are best for lower back pain.

How can I support my lumbar while sitting?

You can support your lumbar while sitting with an office chair that features built-in lumbar support or by using a lumbar pillow.

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