Yost Vises FSV-4 5″ Forged Steel Bench Vise Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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With a similar range as the Wilton 11104 Bench 4 Inch Opening with a jaw width of 4” x jaw opening of 5” x throat depth of 2.9” meaning that you have a select but specialized size for the work you’ll be doing on the heavy duty bench vise. Do keep in mind before you buy we’ve taken the time to compile the Best Bench Vise options available now so you won’t half to, one example is with irwin tools clamp vise 226303. We have also compiled a list of the best tools on the market. Check them out!

Why We Like It – Yost Vises Fsv-4 5″ Forged Steel Bench Vise

Yost Tools offers the best features across the board, from jaw size and strength to overall usability. Each vise includes both pipe grips and a large anvil surface, The Yost Vises FSV-4 5″ Forged Steel Bench Vise is no different and is a heavy duty bench vice coming in forged steel.

  • Shaping anvil horn
  • 4in jaw width
  • Pipe clamps
  • Mounting hardware not included


Regardless of your use if it’s the clamp or the pipe jaws the 5000 psi tensile strength will make some of your hardest work that much easier even though the Yost Vises 445 Utility Combination would provide more options with it’s wider mouth it can’t match the Yost Vises FSV-4 5″ Forged Steel Bench Vise’s grip.

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A swivel base, forged steel vise body, and of course ductile iron plates make this steel vise simple but efficient tool for your job. The oversized anvil makes a great work surface to hammer out even the most annoying problems, the functionality doesn’t stop there with the Yost FSV having .5″ – 2″ pipe capacity.


Not as cheap as some other options like the HFS Heavy-duty Bench Vise and looking to the reviews you’ll find some of the same problem as the Wilton 63302 6″ Shop Vise with it covered in a grease on arrival though not brought up till now as it seemed to be a rare problem. If you are an artist and looking for a tool that’s what the price, check out our Acrylic Paint Premium Artist Brushes review.

Yost Vises Fsv-4 5″ Forged Steel Bench Vise Wrap Up

The Yost Vises FSV-4 5″ Forged Steel Bench Vise would arguably be a good vise for anybody who works with vices regularly with the only real exertion being that they do come in on the more costly side.

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