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The Workpro Quantum 9000 series ergonomic mid back chair is a reliable office chair that is easily one of the best to use especially if you tend to suffer from issues with your spine or even tailbone pain. The chair doesn’t have that much going on in terms of its looks, but it is fairly ergonomic, and has multiple adjustments that allow it to conform to your personal preferences. The home office chair features a black mid back mesh that allows it to fit in well in an office setting, and has a height adjustable back seat that offers just the right amount of back support. Let us help you find out whether or not it’s the best office chair for tailbone pain, and also help you see how it fares when fitted against more expensive models such as the Herman Miller Aeron Chair.

Why We Like It – Workpro Quantum 9000

The Workpro Quantum 9000 stands out thanks to nifty features such as its tension control mechanism that allows you to set the required amount of force for the highly adjustable seat to tilt back, and it is features like this that make it one of the best ergonomic chairs that you can get on a budget.

  • Tilt control mechanism
  • Affordable
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • No massage features


For most people, lumbar support is an issue that always comes up whether they’re looking to buy a gaming chair, a mesh office chair or an all round executive chair. The Workpro Quantum 9000 can be best described as an ergonomic office chair, and this means much of the lower back support that it provides is as a result of how it is designed. Compared to most of the office chairs that are within a similar price range, the Quantum 9000 is an arguably cheaper alternative that you can get instead of spending $1000+ on pricier options such as the Herman Miller Aeron office chair.


If you tend to spend a lot of your time seated in the office, then you might be very familiar with the level of comfort that a chair that’s got a mesh seat design has to offer. The Workpro 9000 is really no different since it’s got a mesh back seat design. This ergonomic mesh design allows the task chair to take on the shape of your back when you sit on it, making it really comfortable compared to a lot of the other mesh chairs that retail at or within the same price range.


Just like any other ergonomic mid back mesh chair, the Quantum 9000 mesh chair allows for adjustments to be made to its seat height and tilt angle, but what sets it apart from the Steelcase Leap Office Chair is its synchro tilt and lock tilt mechanism. The chair is able to tilt to about 30 degrees from upright, and also includes a tension knob that allows you to adjust the force required to tilt back the chair – you won’t find this with the Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair.


Without a doubt, the mesh fabric used in the high back seat of this Workpro chair allows for consistent airflow, meaning you shouldn’t expect your back to be sweating even after sitting on it for long hours. This makes it a lot better than most gaming chairs that tend to be covered in leather, making it the best office chair for users that use the same working space for gaming.


At about 60 pounds, the Quantum 9000 mesh mid back chair is considerably heavier than a lot of other mesh office chairs, and this speaks to the kind of high quality materials that have been used in its construction. You won’t have to deal with a lot of plastic parts as you would with cheaper & less ergonomic office chairs.

Workpro Quantum 9000 Wrap Up

The Quantum 9000 mid back chair is considered a pocket friendly alternative to more expensive alternatives such as the Aeron chair. As you’ve seen in this buying guide, the chair doesn’t really come with any massage options. In spite of that, most of the customer reviews that have been left on Amazon are quite positive in general, and this should give you an idea of what benefits to expect once you go ahead and buy the chair for yourself.

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