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The “Byte Cellar” Contains 122 Video Game Machines

The 1980s were a magical time for video games.  The Nintendo has just been introduced to the world, and while other game consoles had long existed, none provided such a rich and exquisite gaming experience.  Memories of Excitebike still titillate us to this day, as do many other games that we’re made available for the 8-bit gaming system.  But before it’s time games of this ilk we’re only relegated to computers, whose processing power was vastly larger, though by today’s standards it’s quite laughable.  Nevertheless, we’d never pass up the opportunity to own one of these antiquated console or machines since it’s nostalgic value largely remains in valuable.

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And we gotta assume that’s exactly what Blake Patterson was thinking when he built the “Byte Cellar.”  The name is beyond apt as it contain 122 systems, all owned by the man himself.  Although you won’t be able to set physical foot in this nerd dwelling, you can access a 16 photo panorama complete with labels.  Look closely and you’ll notice not only a NEXT computer from Steve Jobs’ failed company, but an Atari Jaguar, Mac Plus, Playstation, Apple IIe, and a whole bunch more.  And then there are the theme appropriate framed posters, Atari decals, and a ceiling beam littered with an array of computer parts.

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