Looking for a quality speaker for the outdoors like the FUGOO Tough? We have you covered. Check out this affordable option.  As wireless and Bluetooth speakers continue to diverge, Bluetooth speakers are getting more mobile and outdoor friendly. That means a lot of ruggedized features, which we’ve seen done very well in the past – but Soundcast’s new VG1 is certainly competitive.

If you’re looking for the best Bluetooth speakers of 2018 and want one that especially fit for an adventurous lifestyle, then check this one out! Or, read our Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM review for another portable speaker.

This speaker is small enough to hold in your hand, but includes two aluminum drivers as well as passive radiators in the back to add some bass, so you’re going to get impressive sound even out in nature. As for protection, it comes with built-in shock protection as well as a waterproof enclosure, so don’t worry about taking it to the beach or anywhere else with lots of water. There’s also a welcome strap if you need to carry the speaker around for a while, and a 3.5mm jack if you need to quiet it down because of other people.

VG1 Poolside
The VG1 has a focus on water-friendly sound.

If you feel like keeping it at home, then it comes with Bluetooth True Wireless (for connecting more than one VG1 together) and aptX support for streaming from a variety of different platforms. It can also obey Siri voice commands for a faster play option.

So, the sound is great, the ruggedized features are solid, and there are handy Bluetooth options. But we know you’re wondering about the battery life: It’s a very impressive 20 hours, which makes this model even more useful for taking out on the trails or beach for a day.

The price also impresses us. Bluetooth speakers can get a little expensive, but at $150 the VG1 manages to balance cost with features.

The only issue here is that availability is still a bit uncertain. We’ll learn more in early November at a public unveiling, and hopefully the speaker will be on shelves before the holidays.




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