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Sony’s Ultra-Class, Ridiculously Expensive Glass Sound Speakers

Sony Glass Sound
Sony's Glass Sound is a style masterpiece, but is it also a good Bluetooth speaker?

There are a whole lot of Bluetooth speakers out there these days, but they all tend to look like speakers (okay, some look a bit more like alien artifacts). Sony, however, has decided to make Bluetooth speakers that actually look like artistic tablet lamps…and the result is pretty cool. The Glass Sound may not make it into our best Bluetooth speaker reviews for 2018, but it is certainly an original idea.

This speaker, officially the LSPX-S1 Glass Sound, has a very candle-like apperance thanks to the glass flute and the LED lights that gleam as much like a refracted candle flame as they can. Sony specifically mentions that the glass was designed to resonate with frequencies produced from the driver and expand the speaker’s sound capablities, particularly when it comes to the human voice.

Sony Glass Sound

Hard to tell that it’s a speaker, isn’t it?

As far is it goes, Sony has hit all the décor buttons with expert fashion – it really does look excellent, and nothing like a Bluetooth speaker except for a few ports hidden in the back of the base. The idea is to buy two of them, display them on your table, and link them both to your phone over Bluetooth to play whatever music you prefer. There are secret controls on the bottom of the candle to change volume or the brightness of the LED lights. Each base has a battery life that lasts for around four hours before it needs to be recharged.

Now, Sony assures us all that there’s a 50mm woofer for reproducing low and mid-range sounds expertly. However, the reports surfacing indicate that the speakers do struggle to replicate bass sounds, but excel at the high range – in other words, they’re more suitable for violin music, as befits their appearance, and less for hip-hop.

Oh, in case you haven’t picked up on it yet, these Bluetooth speakers are very high-end. They will be selling in mid-2016 at MoMA Design Store for $800 a piece. Could that price be more ridiculous? We had to double-check to make sure the speakers weren’t gold-plated. Yes, they look like candles, but they also have poor bass reproduction and battery that won’t even last all evening. If Sony is aiming for premium branding here, we’re not convinced until that price drops by about 80%.

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1 Comment to Sony’s Ultra-Class, Ridiculously Expensive Glass Sound Speakers

  1. NothingHere

    Clearly it’s a design piece and quite obviously not aimed at the UE Boom market and as such, your terrible attitude to the product is misguided to out it mildly.
    For example, yes a BMW M3 is a fantastic motor vehicle with a ridiculous price tag and well out of my price range, however I’m glad these things exist for the lucky few that can appreciate the design and aesthetic of such things and can of course, afford to purchase them.
    Same thing applies here, they look stunning and are a talking point, for some of that crowd, that’s more than enough.

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