Sony V75BTiP and CMT-V50iP Magnetic Fluid Speaker Docks

We’ve gotta hand it to Sony.  They’re doing a good job reinvigorating the brand by producing quality electronics.  Sure, they’re not launching game changers, but we’d rather see them produce quality products instead of taking gambles on things such as the Mini Disc.

Today, the company announced two new iPhone compatible docks that leverage their magnetic Fluid speakers tech, which if you recall we saw in the RDP-X500IP (RDP-X500IP review here) and provided stellar sound with little to no distortion thanks to its damperless design.  That said, the CMT-V75BTiP and CMT-V50iP offer a more svelte build over its cousin as well as a CD player.   Much like the X500IP the 30-pin dock, which can accommodate an iPad and anything smaller, ejects from the player using a set of springs.  And it would appear that they’ve opted for a similar design for the CD player in one of the models, which is hidden behind a door on the face of the system – the other is slot loading (we really can’t tell which is which).

Now, in terms of what sets the two apart, the  CMT-V75BTiP offers a DAB and DAB+ radio (good for those in Europe) as well as Bluetooth connectivity for a wireless experience (ideal for anyone sporting an Android or Windows Mobile phone).  The CMT-V50iP on the other hand include a USB port but no wireless support.

Unfortunately, Sony hasn’t said how much or if we’ll see these state side.

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