Scosche Boombottle Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Evicts Your Bike’s Water Bottle

We ride bikes with a passion here at GR. We don’t own anything as elegant and high-class as this, but we get by with other meager two-wheeled options. And on those temperate climate days when it’s not too hot and not too cool, we often leave the bulky water bottles at home to lighten the load.

But what if you could swap that water bottle for something a bit more exciting? Scosche says, do it! At CES, the company has revealed their IPX-4 certified splash-proof and one of our top Bluetooth speaker – the Boombottle. The Boombottle fits in the standard water bottled holster found on many bicycles. Each full charge will allow the speaker to bump your tunes for 10 full hours. The Boombottle, like the Rugged Rukus we reported on earlier today, is covered in TPU and rubber to fight against impact, shock, and splashes. It uses 40mm size drivers and has a wireless range of 33 feet.

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The Boombottle also features a 3.5mm jack for tethered music playback, microphone for conference or personal calls, and rubberized buttons to take control of your playlists. Plus all the inputs are nicely tucked away behind a sealed flap.

Pricing and availability are TBD.

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