Pet owners rejoice — Petcube is here to answer the ultimate question: what does your dog or cat do when they’re home alone? Now you’ll know because this wireless video streaming camera lets you see what your pets are up to. It is definitely one of the  best pets  gadgets every pet owner should have.

The Cube Is Here

Shaped like a cube, the front consists of a wide angle high-resolution (720p) fixed focus lens — this gives a clear and encompassing view of whatever it’s aimed at (just a little distorting at the edges as is always the case with w/a lenses). Below is a low-powered safety red laser — no it’s not there to attack intruders, but to provide some quality fun time with a cat. For a dog, not so much.

Download the free app (iOS/Android) because it won’t work without it. My iPhone’s ready to go, so I placed the cube at one end of the kitchen and plugged it into an AC outlet through the included USB cable adapter. I later discovered that there’s a tripod mount on the bottom, but don’t expect it to stand on a mini-pod easily; this 4 x 4 x 4-inch cube is seriously heavy aluminum. And when I say “AC” I mean that the Petcube needs the full power coming from the wall outlet — connecting it to a USB socket on a laptop won’t cut it.

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Simple Enough For Humans

Setup is echoed by a color LED strip at the cube’s bottom. After pairing it first with the cube’s own WiFi, I transferred the signal to my home network. Oh — I also registered with the company since the streaming goes through their servers. Once done, I accessed the Petcube and could see that the image was well defined and clear. I watched my dogs walking through the kitchen with what seemed to be only a very slight delay — maybe not super-smooth but not those jerky movements one’s come to expect from video streaming using a home camera either.

I left my apartment later and used a Starbucks WiFi to access the Petcube. Again I saw a clear picture and the movements of my dogs as they went back and forth through the kitchen had the same frame rate as when I was right there. I turned on the “Sound” setting — this let me not only hear what was going on but also speak to them — they found this intriguing since they couldn’t find me (don’t use this when nearby because it will cause horrible feedback).  I also worked the laser and made a red dot appear at a few places on the floor and kitchen cabinets: the dogs noticed it and one yawned. So yes, not having a cat does make the laser superfluous. Oh – tapping the screen while watching the video feed saves what is seen as a picture/snapshot too.

One Price, Many Uses

Petcube doesn’t have any ongoing fees or monthly subscriptions. So the cost of $199 is all you’re paying for.  So yes you can now put a price tag on piece of mind when the pets are left home alone.

Marshal Rosenthal

Marshal Rosenthal is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and journalist specializing in technology, consumer electronics and pop culture.

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  1. My pet cube doesn’t work . It keeps saying no wi-fi connection, We called tech support they say it is our router is too slow . We don’t have any problems with phones or lap-tops.

  2. Wait, what? Do you work for Petcube?

    The Petcube is useless to those with Android support despite being backed with ‘full’ Android and IOS working capabilities (the Not available until January 2013 – typo – was added after the KS project had been completed.

    The cubes are highly defective. Have received lots of complaints for the lack of HD video (again, a feature that was promised in KS), broken cubes being posted, lack of post-purchase support … Their Facebook page sums up peoples feelings pretty well.

    And, ever notice that 90% of the pics shared on the app are not taken with the Petcube? Wonder why?

  3. Sorry you are having such a terrible time. The unit I was sent was “off the shelf,” closed and sealed so no it wasn’t a special unit. I’ve been using the Petcube — last time was 2 days ago — fairly regularly without incident so I can’t comment on the issues you raise as they are not happening to me. What I can do is forward your comments to them so that you are being heard and hopefully they will respond to you directly.

  4. Were you paid to write this review by Petcube??!?!? Like so many consumers complaining on Amazon, iTunes and Android play sites, I too received an inoperative Petcube with defective start-button that’s stuck and doesn’t press – so no way to get the unit to get into wifi setup mode. The light on the front keeps blinking for ever no matter how hard or for how long the start button is pressed. this is a piece of junk hardware, sold to unsuspecting pet-lovers without any quality test. To top it off with criminal behavior, the Petcube management is making a deliberate and concerted effort to ignore any eligible return requests for refunds, or even provide warranty support to customers. If you ask for a return merchant authorization, the sole support email would go silent on you, no matter if your purchase of Petcube is within 30days return policy period listed on Petcube website, To make sure that no one shows up at their office with a return, they make sure to never provide any phone numbers for customer support or physical address of the company. Petcube seems to be a bunch of crooks intentionally defrauding their customers and investors alike, but hyped up by media like yourself.

    Maybe you were supplied a special unit by Petcube for this review. If that’s the case, maybe you should demand multiple units over multiple duration before singing praises of a product or company.

    1. Hi JT,
      We are very sorry about this bad experience. Marshal passed your email address along to us and our support team representative will be reaching you shortly. In case your Petcube Camera unit needs to be replaced, we will provide you with the instructions on how to return it.

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