Minoru Brings Us 3D Video Chatting

Minoru has announced that they will be bringing out a new webcam that hopes to make video calling so much more realistic.

The whole point of video calling is that it feels personal rather than just calling someone so why not make it even more ‘face to face’ with a 3D stereoscopic effect. Minoru have built there new webcam with inspiration from the human eyes. The two webcams are spaced to mimic the effect that we get by having two pictures combined. You will also be able to switch back to 2D mode because as with every invention there is a flaw. To experience ‘3Dness’ you have to put on a pair of 3D glasses so if you loose your glasses and don’t have a secondary pair handy (who doesn’t) then 2D mode could come in handy.

The price is unknown but it should be expected in stores December this year.


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  1. I recently bought a Minoru 3D web-cam but am having major difficulties getting it to function on a Windows 10 MS Surface 4 laptop, The driver fails to work it effectively or even at all! Is there a solution you could suggest please? Many thanks. G.

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