The best Bluetooth speakers just got cooler with this design.

Luna has an idea about smart, wireless music: It wants to spread it throughout your home and network instead of penning it up in a single speaker system. This is what the best wireless speakers should do. If you want a wireless speaker with more power, take a look at our Pioneer Steez Crew review too.

Two things immediately stand out from this Kickstarter for wireless (both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, in fact) speaker. First, the round little guy has both a primary speaker and an inner tweeter that pops out like a little telescope when the speaker is on to help enhance sound (it also lights up in pretty colors that you can adjust as you wish). Check out our Tego Audio Cera review for a similarly structured speaker to compare options. If you want more of a soundbar, read our Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM review instead.

Second, Luna supports vast pairing. A lot of the top wireless speakers in 2017 pair, but Luna supports up to 32 other little thermal detonators that you can sprinkle around your house and link together – a fun idea if your place is a frequent party destination and you have a lot of money to spend, but also useful in trade centers, large offices, and so on.

Luna Breakdown
Luna has an interesting dual-speaker design.

Sound and control features include streaming from the cloud or you hard drive library, as well as couple extra smart features – like the ability to create wake up detection scenes and customized music schedules via the accompanying app. If you stop music and later resume it, Luna is smart enough to know which song you stopped on and start it up again.

The only notable problem we noticed is that there’s another Luna wireless speaker on the market already, from the well-established company Edifier – and the two even look strikingly similar (superficially at least, but enough to confuse). This has got to be hurting this Kickstarter campaign, especially when it comes to serious investors. We expect a branding change if it’s not already too late.

If you like what you see, there are still plenty of early investment opportunities that can net you savings for the Luna, including deals for one speaker for $130. There are also a number of party packs that will net you several of the speakers for a discounted price to set up more complex systems. If you want to check out a few alternatives, visit our best wireless speaker reviews for 2018 to compare!

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