Logitech’s Harmony Touch Remote is Their Newest and Possibly Best Yet

Honestly, we thought the remote was dead thanks to smartphones.  Then again, if you’ve ever tried to control your TV or home theater using our iPhone or Android device then you know it can be a hair tearing experience.  There are a myriad of options that include infrared dongles that plugin to the aforementioned device’s headphone ports, or leap frog like boxes that translates a WiFi signal into an infrared one.  Needless to say, none of them work as promised (we are talking about the best universal remote in the market), and if you don’t have the most main stream of TVs or home theater gear you won’t be able to find the correct codes to program the remote app accordingly.


Logitech today announced an all new remote control, the Harmony Touch.  We’re still trying to remember the name of their other past remotes and swear this can’t be a massive deviation from previous namesakes.  No matter, because it looks to be Logitech’s best yet, though to be totally candid there is nothing massively groundbreaking here.  Fine with us though, as we’ve seen too many remotes try too hard, only to fail.

The Logitech Harmony Touch offers a 2.4-inch touchscreen, which we can only assume is of the capacitive type.  Watch the video and you’ll see that they’ve taken a design cue out of Apple’s playbook, as you can drag, drop and delete up to 50 user assigned programmed channel icons.  You can also control a Blu-ray player’s on screen menus just by swiping in the correct direction, or if you prefer you can opt to use one of the many backlit buttons.  Included is a charging base, compatibility with up to 225,000 devices and 5,000 different brands, and it can control up to 15 different devices.

Clearly Logitech has nailed the details in terms of input, ergonomics and simplicity.  However, we’re not hearing that it is RF compatible, which will probably be a sore point for anyone already invested in that type of equipment.

Nevertheless, the Logitech Harmony Remote appears to be shipping today for $250.

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