The JBL Voyager Combines A Portable Speaker With A Subwoofer System


Portable speakers are pretty much everywhere these days; with the proliferation of Bluetooth and the rise of services like Spotify, portable speakers are becoming a must-have accessory for music fans. But buying a standalone system for the home and a portable speaker for work can be expensive… which is why JBL is combining them into one product.

Goes Everywhere, Including the Delta Quadrant

First, the portable speaker itself is pretty much worth the price all on its own. Built with noise cancellation technology, so you can hear your music slightly better, it goes five hours on one charge and is a discreet circle of a speaker you can prop up to better hear your music or lay flat to let the tunes spread out. But then there’s the dock.

A Complete Sound Solution

Charging your speaker is pretty simple; just click it into the center of a larger speaker. And here’s where the Voyager gets really impressive, as inside the dock, and ringed around the portable part of the speaker as it charges, is the remaining components of a complete 2.1 sound system. Yes, the dock has a subwoofer built in. As you might guess from the size of the drivers, this isn’t going to replace that elaborate stereo that you own, but it does have substantially more power and kick than a lot of small speakers, and it’s a nice bonus to have some oomph behind your bass.

Voyage Far, My Friends


If you’re looking for a portable speaker, JBL is always worth considering, and the Voyager is a clever product that gives you a lot more for your money than you might first expect. That said, quality and cleverness will cost you a bit more than you at first might think; the Voyager is currently available for $250 from most retailers.

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