Facial Recognition Cat Door

Believe it or not, Cats are of the giving type.  Wake up on any given weekend and you’ll be sure to find a dead mouse or some other small critter waiting for you in the kitchen. For more of the best in pet care, you should also read our review of Midwest Tropical (makes keeping pet fish space-efficient with their standing tank). Gross, I know.

Flo the cat was a repeat offender so the folks at Quantum Picture rewired a commercially available magnetic cat door (Cat Mate) with a camera that reads the cats profile before entry.  The pics are pretty self explanatory, but if the computer’s camera and image recognition software sees an image that differs from the baseline pic (no critter in mouth) the door won’t unlock and the cat – Flo in this case – is restricted from entry.

[via Hackaday]


Christen Costa

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  1. I dont believe that they will ever produce this..
    If there is already NO Innovation at all, within this area of Chip controlled flaps (no flap does have every single functiton that all the others have…and there are not a lot of them… Then also there is still NO user friendly programming by not having any display but only dtupid buttons and responsive LED lights, etc. etc. etc.)
    So, WHY shoul they really come up with something really revolutioning..? They still have enough normal flaps sold and there is proabably no market pressure on them anyway…

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