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The Dowinx gaming chair is one of those gaming chairs that comes with a racing style design, which makes you feel like you’re sitting in instead of sitting on it. This makes for a very comfortable experience, and is one of the reasons why the Downix Gaming Chair Ergonomic Racing Style Recliner with Massage Lumbar Support has received a lot of positive customer feedback as one of the best gaming chairs you can get. The chair can easily be considered as a serious contender for the title of the best office chair for tailbone pain, as it comes with a massage function that’s pretty easy to operate. Sit tight as we go ahead and review the Dowinx gaming chair, and help you find out if it is worth your hard earned cash.

Why We Like It – Dowinx Gaming Chair Ergonomic Racing Style Recliner with Massage Lumbar Support

PC gaming fans will definitely be impressed when using the Downix Gaming Chair Ergonomic Racing Style Recliner with Massage Lumbar Support in their home office thanks to its ergonomic back design, and also by the fact that it’s not only available in the color black.

  • 300 pound weight capacity
  • 5-inch high density foam for added comfort
  • 1 Year Limited Parts Warranty
  • Best for people under 200 pounds


As an ergonomic racing style recliner chair, this Dowinx computer gaming chair comes with built in lumbar support for users who tend to suffer from back pain. The chair includes a lumbar pillow that helps relieve your waist fatigue, and a headrest pillow that supports your neck when you lean back. It might be slightly better than what the Herman Miller Aeron Office chair has to offer thanks to its 5-inch high density foam, but that remains up for debate.


If you happen to be a serious gamer, comfort is one thing that will be on top of your priority list especially if you tend to spend long hours gaming. The Downix racing style recliner high back computer chair delivers maximum comfort thanks to its ergonomic design, and the high quality thick rubber foam that’s used on its seat cushion. This makes the high back chair a lot more comfortable than any typical desk chair. Also, like most E sports gamer chairs, the Dowinx gaming office chair comes with a retractable footrest black in color, so that you have the option of putting your feet up whenever you feel like you need to relax for a moment.


To allow for a perfect seating position, the Downix gaming office chair is built over a steel metal frame, and it also includes adjustable armrests for resting your hands when holding a gamepad or just leaning back. The massage lumbar support office chair also beats out the Steelcase Leap Office Chair solely on the fact that it comes with a massage function, which the mesh chair does not provide.


In terms of breathability, the Dowinx computer office chair is no match for the Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair simply because the mesh design of the back seat allows for a lot more airflow. This means you’ll be a lot less likely to sweat on the Ticova chair. Despite that, the Dowinx gaming chair racing style build allows for air to pass through from the back, creating a cooling effect that helps a lot especially when playing a very intense video game.


The Dowinx game chair can also be used as an ergonomic office computer chair if you opt for it in a fully black color. This way, it’ll look like a very normal part of your office furniture, and not stand out as much. Also, it comes with recliner swivel abilities like most PU leather e Sports variants, and as a leather chair high back alternative, it’s just as comfortable as a lot of more expensive office chairs. The manufacturer also extends a 1 year parts warranty, and has a customer service team that’s always on standby 24/7 that you can reach out to in case of any issues.

Dowinx Gaming Chair Ergonomic Racing Style Recliner with Massage Lumbar Support Wrap Up

The Dowinx gaming chair ergonomic office recliner may look like a very expensive chair at first, but if you head over to Amazon com, you might be surprised to find out that it retails for less than $200. This is within the region of what a normal office chair would cost, so if you were looking for a gaming chair office replacement, go ahead and give it a shot.

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