The best speakers aren’t all good for every occasion. If you’re anything like me, you enjoy your music while sitting in your hot tub outside. However, my outdoor speaker is at least 5 feet from my hot tub. Unacceptable. Imagine if it could have been floating alongside me IN the hot tub. Stop imaginging! Thanks to the BUOY, it’s possible.

The BUOY wireless floating speaker finally gives mankind what it’s always needed — music in the water. The waterproof speaker runs of 6 C batteries, which should give you about 5 1/2 hours of music. The wireless speaker has rubberized bumpers so you can let it just float around, worry free.

I’m not sure what kind of sound to expect coming out of the 6W amplifier and “ZCube” Acoustic Technology. But all I know is you get music in the friggin water.

via Manufacturer

Christen Costa

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