Even the best luggage can get too heavy, but we have a good solution.

Anxiety sucks. Piece of mind is awesome. The Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale is here to keep gray hairs at bay while possibly saving you money while traveling through airports. As any traveler knows, most airlines charge you a fee if your checked luggage is over 50 pounds. To help alleviate the stressful pondering about how much your luggage weighs, the Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale easily lets you weigh your items on the fly. This is almost as cool as scooter luggage.

Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale Review

The Balanzza is quite ergonomic and feels very much like a heavy duty dog toy.  It has a large oval LCD screen and three bright and easy to read buttons.  Not even having to glance at any type of instruction manual, the Balanzza was a breeze to operate.  Its durable strap fastened securely around my large bike bag and all I had to do was turn it on and lift.  Capable of displaying up to 100 pounds it can also show readings in Kilograms.  The Balanzza uses two AA batteries and as long as you don’t leave it on they should last for a while.

Nothing really to dislike about the Balanzza.  It works great out of the box and requires no learning whatsoever.  Super cheap, this is a must buy for anyone who does a fair amount of traveling and is always acquiring more stuff as they go.  Short review, but totally positive!


  • Easy to use
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Cheap


  • May look suspect going through airport screening
  • Not that cool of a name, sounds like a weird pizza

Buy it here for $17!

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  1. Bought the scale today 01/13/2010 Elder Beerman. I puched the ON button, the unit displays HELLO for a moment and the displays “out-0” and they displays “byE” in about 5 seconds. Absolutely nothing works!!! A piece of junk right out of the box!!

  2. That’s a great review, thanks! My site sells only the Balanzza luggage scale and I’ll be linking to your review on the site as proof of how great it is. Thanks!

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