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Amazon has a massive customer base. But let me tell you something you already didn’t know.  The company has a Video Game specific Facebook page.  And on that page they hold a Versus poll, asking their customers to vote on two competing items.  I don’t know how many times they’ve done this, but that’s a moot concern.  What matters is that they recently posted a poll asking consumers to vote on their next-gen system of choice; the PS4 or Xbox One.  The results, to say the least, are staggering and tell tale.

The PS4, so far, has overwhelmingly outscored the Xbox One by a ratio of 17 to 1.  As of this posting, the PS4 had garnered 21,104 votes, where as the Xbox One has a mere 1,221.  There is currently 7 days and 6 hours left to vote, so it should be interesting to see what the final tally is, but one thing is for sure, the PS4 has this competition in the bag.

Of note, it probably didn’t help when Microsoft’s Don Mattrick told Xbox fans to get a 360 if they don’t like the always on Internet connection.

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  1. I just checked… The final count: Xbox One: 2162 votes | PS4: 38984 votes. Wow, the consumer has spoken! The PS4 has 18 votes for every 1 vote the Xbox received. By the way, I currently own an Xbox 360 and I have never owned a Playstation, but that may be changing later this year!

  2. I’m going for the PS4 just because as a gamer, i feel like i have
    choices. I’m not being forced to have internet for Xbox1 to function nor
    do i have to pay a fee for borrowed/used games. thats just ridiculous!
    and about the big brother Kinect. Did you guys know that Microsoft were
    participants on the NSA Prism program? which means the NSA / FBI can tap
    directly to Microsoft Database. It would explain why Kinect is being
    forced to be on. Feel free to do your own research..

  3. so it looks like Amazon chopped down the VS poll time by a week. as of right now (6/15/2013, 8:18pm EST) there is only 40+ minutes left on the poll. the above picture shows that just two days ago, there was over 7 days left! wtf Amazon?! here’s hoping one of these gaming sites reports on this too! i’m wondering if Microsoft got to them…

  4. People thought the PS3 would be better then the 360 because it had better hardware, but in the end, the Xbox 360 was actually better. I think the pattern will stick with the Xbox One as well. Even if the PS4 is a little bit smoother, I would still get the Xbox One so that I can get the DLC first, the built in HDPVR, streaming to Twitch, and the other features it offers.

    1. Ummm no, the 360 was clearly not better, I would however like to hear any arguments supporting your feeble case… The only reason M$ did as well as they did was a year earlier release and $100 cheaper. The PS3 had so much more to offer than the xbox that if they would have been released at the same time and at the same price xbox would have never survived. This generation of consuls may just prove that.

    2. Drivel at its best, I can only conclude you are an experiment from Area 51, that can be the only possible explanation for such nonsense, take a look at some global hardware stats, MS had a year start and are sill behind on SONY in terms of sales, your right about the pattern but wrong about which console, you mention ‘the other features it offers’ you mean TV lol, now that wont turn it round for you either, take your head out of the sand and report back to base o special one.

    3. The Xbox had a year and a half head start. So it was obviously selling pretty well. But despite being released so late PS3 is only a few million (around 5 million the last time I checked) units less than XBOX 360 in sales. Had it been released at the same time PS3 would have clearly outsold XBOX 360. :)

    4. I’m certain Sony learned from their mistake, Microsoft on the other hand got a swelled head from their success and are getting way ahead of themselves by pushing too soon for a digital format for video games. The nation isn’t ready for it infrastructure wise much less 60M consoles buyers. How many have a 10mb connection…how many have caps….They really are crippling themselves.

    5. You’re comparing Apple to Oranges. Two different architects going from the 360 to the XB1 or PS3 to the PS4. PS4 is more PC related with its specs as well as the XB1. With that said it’s performance is guaranteed to exceed XB1, the games will speak for themselves.

      Sony for sure will win this Gen. Watch and see!

  5. At the end of the day, ps4 won’t sell at 17x the rate of xbox one. This vote is based on a wishlist, and doesn’t necessarily reflect the people who are actually going to pay for either system. Playstation will win the battle, and maybe many battles, but the war will eventually be lost of MS/Nintendo

    1. you took the words from my mouth. XBox One Sucks!

      The mainstream media is pushing to buy the xbox. sure microsoft is spending millions in lobbying and publiposts (not tagged as such, of course) on major magazines and tech websites plus reviews

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