Jabra has introduced their latest product in their portable speaker family – the Solemate Max. The new wireless speaker is designed for wireless music while encompassing chic design cues with its grey exterior that will complement any room or office. It’s fitted with trademark rugged speaker sole so it can be taken outside for barbecues, rooftop parties or trips to the park. Just pick it up by its handle and the music will follow along anywhere! And despite its small imprint, it still delivers sound you’d expect from a much bigger speaker with its two tweeters and two woofers into a lightweight design. It will also include a Sound Space Expander (from a collaboration with Dolby) that surrounds listeners with high quality stereo, creating an immersive sound experience and providing clear sounding instruments, notes and vocals.

Users can also take and make calls using its built-in speakerphone capabilities while pairing it with Bluetooth or NFC is as simple as turning it on. It also an an integrated cable in the sole sole of the speaker providing a choice between a wireless or wired connection, which also charges the device when connected. Thanks to its rechargeable battery it can easily go for 14 hours, plus it charges your phone. The Solemate Max will be available this winter at Dell and Amazon.


Kristie Bertucci

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