Week in 3D: ASUS VG278H 3D Monitor Review

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6 Comments to Week in 3D: ASUS VG278H 3D Monitor Review

  1. 120hz is a huge difference in gaming if you card has enough horsepower. There are no 120hz monitors higher than 1080p on the market as of yet.

    • Games may not support resolutions higher than 1080p for 3D, but that’s no excuse for two reasons: first, gaming isn’t the only application of a monitor. Second, that’s a simple software fix. It’s more cost effective to make a 1080p display than a 1440p display, and as explained in the review, the vast majority of users won’t even notice any real difference when gaming.

      But for general purpose computing, it’s a letdown.

        • Which makes is a 3d gaming monitor, not a competitive high end pc monitor. With tv’s, 3d is an add on, not a downgrade of existing function to suit 3d. For the price tag, this is a disappointment, but the whole monitor market is a disappointment. People keep throwing all their money and tv’s so the price of the best technology isn’t coming down. The 30in monitor I bought from Dell 3 or 4 years ago is still the same prices for this years model and it has no 3d. 

          Sadly this problem doesn’t seem to want to go away as most people would rather sit on a couch than in a chair in front of a screen that they can use for more than just entertainment.
          I guess I still want one because it sounds like this is the best 3d that you can buy if you want 3d for all purposes and not just for Avitard.

          If anyone knows of a better 3d device I’m all ears? What do the 3d production guys in hollywood use for montiors? Are they forced to have one high-res monitor for production and another one to actually see their content in 3d?

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