TASCAM iM2 iPhone Microphone Works with the Video Camera App

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16 Comments to TASCAM iM2 iPhone Microphone Works with the Video Camera App

  1. I’ve been using the iM2 for a couple of weeks now. Here’s what I have to report:

    It works great using the Tascam App, but as someone mentioned there’s no ultra-simple way to get files off of the iPhone. iTunes seems to be the easiest. You can monitor as you record using the Tascam App, if you don’t use a headset, but regular headphones. Inserting a headset then activates the headset mic.

    The sound quality is NICE. I’ve compared it to a couple of studio and other mics, and it’s not a $5000 microphone, but it’s really hard to tell the difference between this and most of the mics I tested. The limiter sounds a little squishy to me, but I haven’t tried it in a loud environment. I’m guessing it’s the same, or similar, electronic limiter that’s in other Tascam devices. If so, it’s good enough for a ball game or concert, but it’s not gonna be something you’d consider ‘concert’ quality sound that you’d expect on a DVD of a live show. Bootleggers rejoice, it’s tiny and inconspicuous.

    I’ll add that the best $20 I spent was for a windsock for this thing from http://www.gigwigwindscreens.com.

    I bought this to add stereo, and quality, recording to the iPhone camera. Mission accomplished, with caveats. A few things of note. You CAN’T monitor audio with headphones using the video camera. And I’ve yet to find a third party camera app that recognizes this device. I love the features of AlmostDSLR and Filmic, but if I need audio, the iPhone built-in app is the only way to go.

    I’ve contacted both companies who both said they will ‘look into’ support. I’d say that as we see a few more devices like this hit the market, they’d be hard pressed to ignore.

    The iPhone is not a high end camera, but this little baby makes my stuff sound a LOT better.

    I bought a two foot dock extender so that I could orient the device to get true left-right stereo when shooting with a horizontal aspect. I tried a 6 footer to use as a sort of ‘close up’ mic, but ANY movement of the cord yields an odd high pitched whine, which is likely some soft or capacitance in the longer cable.

    I give this a solid 5 stars. For the price and performance it’s a winner for me.

  2. Just received it today… and while the mics performance should be up to spec…  presently there are only 2 (count em) ways to output the audio files.  Soundcloud and iTunes.

    The rather limited (free) Tascam app (App Store) has few functions.  Some quirkiness in that the default mode is Mono, you have to tap the apps button to run Stereo mode. 

    If you don’t know it beforehand, the first tap of the record button is for background noise leveling, the second tap will start actual recording. 
    There are no instructions. 
    There is no use of (any) speakers whilst the device is inserted.
    I have yet to figure if the device will work with other apps (Mono Stereo??)

    So far I have tested it with the Audiotourm note takeing app, and No it will not work.  Yes with QuickVoice however there is no way to configure the sound input/output.

    Bottom line the Device itself seems way good, however the Software is Way Bad and quirky.
    Software fortuitously is an easier fix so now (Drum Roll…) Please Fix!

    Hows that for a little “in-depth” review?

    • hi, thx for the review — i’m thinking about buying this, and am trying to figure out if i’d be able to plug-in my headphones to the headphone jack and listen while recording. some of the itunes reviews made it sound like you couldn’t do that, like there was no sound output while recording. seems crazy, but… since you have it, thought i’d ask. thank you. 

      • So far (as I can tell) there seems no way to monitor live recording save for the meters in the Tascam App.  I would think with hardware this good it would be more flexible in its use.  Com-On Tascam get your software together!

        • thank you. and one more thing, if i may: in itunes, it says it works with iphones that have iOS 4.3 or later (operating system). doesn’t say anything about phone model. i have an iphone 3gs, with iOS 5.0.1. so, according to the itunes product page, this should work. but in tascom’s specs page, it says i need an iphone 4 or 4s. i’d think that the o.s. would be the important thing, since the connecting port is the same. but i don’t really know. any thoughts? 

          • I do believe that yours is the later OS so your safe there…

            After some more use I have noticed the level meter will make a difference in the ambient sounds, also a weak crackle noise is apparent at some of the higher levels…

            Also the Mic will work very nicely with the Video  recording App (Apples) so I would assume other Video Apps like “Super 8″ and others would as well… (or not).

            So maybe updates will be coming henceforth…

          •  Some replies to Tascam IM2 questions. I have an iphone 4 btw. It took me quite a while to figure out, but you CAN monitor input with headphones. I am using Fire2 app.
            1)Ensure app is fully quit (double clik home button & shut the app) & phone off
            2)Plug tascam im2 in
            3)Turn on phone
            4)plug headphones in
            4)Launch Fire2
            5)Start a recording
            6)Check ‘play through’ is on
            7)When in ‘transport’ screen you will hear monitoring thru headphones

            Tascam also works well with Video app Filmic Pro btw, for stereo signal videos

          • I have an iPhone 3gs, I bought the im2 a few weeks ago, but it definitely is not compatible… I thought I’d let everyone know that as I couldn’t find anything about it anywhere! I will be buying a 4S soon anyway though!

          • It works with 3gs with Tascam PCMrecoder (apps) if phone software is enough new.

            You can move sound track to your computer with iTunes (programs/click PCMrecoder/go down file sharing and upload )

            PCM recoder app you can get from App Store.

  3. Have you tried it? Seen it? No, you are re-writing a press release. Bad for you and your site’s credibility.

  4. Hmmm… your blog has the word “review” in the name but this is a press release. Sad. It is also not available until mid-December despite what the Tascam site says.

    • Yes, our site has the name review in it.  But that doesn’t and shouldn’t preclude us from announcing products.  I’m assuming you typed the name of the product into Google with the word review at the end so YOU ASSUMED it was a review. 

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