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Updated: Nov 14, 2023 9:11 PM
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Choosing the best cable clips could mean the difference between effective cable management of your coaxial, HDMI, and laptop cables on a wall or flat surface or a complete mess to be ashamed of. Our evaluation focused on design, type/material, how well it protects cables, and aesthetics. Cable clips are some of the best tools that you should always keep in your toolbox.

After more than 12 hours of research, our pick for the best cable clips goes to the OHill Cable Clips. These are all-around solid performers, coming in a pack of 16 with a neutral design, sticky adhesive back, and contoured, curved arms for a nice, tight grip. Keep reading to learn more about the OHill Cable Clips and other best cable clips available for purchase.

Top 7 Best Cable Clips

 #1  OHill Cable Clips


WHY WE LIKE IT: These cable clips come in a pack of 16 with sticky back pads, great for multi-purpose use as TV cable, toothbrush, and pen holders.

  • Neutral design for all surface types
  • No friction or downward pull with heavier cables
  • Very strong sticky back for easy mounting
  • The adhesive needs 24 hours to strongly bond
  • Larger hands may find peeling protective film off a little challenging
  • May not fit larger cords well

These rounded cable clips are ingeniously designed. It consists of a sticky base and black, rubberized contoured “arms” that grip cables and thin items like toothbrushes and pens into place. Its sticky pad uses a typical “peel and sticks” application, which mounts well to doors, tables, and other surfaces. Kudos for coming in a 16-pack, which makes it work for classrooms and offices.

We like using these OHill cable clips to declutter messy desks and the back of TV consoles that could easily house four or more electronic devices that need cable management. Our only knock is that these cable clips adhesive works best after sticking to a surface for more than 24 hours. But rest assured that your USB to HDMI adapter along with all other cables will be safely tucked away.

 #2  Monoprice Circle Cable Clips


WHY WE LIKE IT: This cable clip comes in a 10mm semi-circuit construction with a large stack nail to drill on a surface, working great for mounting single stronger cable or three or four cables against a wall where the in-wall installation is not possible.

  • Strong mounting via permanent affixment
  • Small, non-discrete size (3.9 by 2.7 by 1.6 inches)
  • Holds one coaxial cable firmly in place
  • Off-white color may not appeal with all home decor
  • May leave a large hole in the wall if not hammered correctly

These cable clips are very well constructed with a semi-circle design and a side nail to drill into a surface. This makes it easy to mount a single thick cable like a coaxial cable or series of cables along walls and floorboards as part of a retrofitting exercise. Bonus points for coming in a pack of 100, which should work out very well for your average contractor or home worker who can not perform in-wall installations. You may also take a look at the best brad nailer if you are looking to use a lot of long nails in your installations.

Aesthetics with these cable clips are a bit on the dramatic side. Its all-white color may clash with certain home decors such as a farmhouse or heavy wooden furniture. Think of it as having more of an industrial feel, better fit for offices. Note, they are small enough to easily be hidden behind an entertainment center or cupboard, or one of these best TV stands.

 #3  Steren Store Cable Clips


WHY WE LIKE IT: These cable clips are made of heavy-duty polyethylene and pre-installed screws, great for mounting coaxial cables to walls behind entertainment centers.

  • Very durable polyethylene construction
  • Adjustable “teeth” for a solid grip
  • Easy to mount on wall
  • Gold screw color may clash with some home decor
  • Screw sharpness varies; not the most consistent.

We really like this cable clip’s design, which uses a polyethylene wire clamp with bottom “teeth” that allow each cable clip to expand and accommodate more wires if needed. Pre-inserted screws also make it easier to install. While researching, we noticed light pressure on the cable, which works great as it is a sensitive piece of equipment.

On the aesthetics side, these cable clips are a bit ugly. Gold screws may clash with more modern home decor. Its biggest strength is its mounting ability with the pre-installed screws and rugged construction. Kudos for coming in a pack of 100, which makes it work well for large households, the best entertainment center, and commercial centers.

 #4  Folai Adhesive Cable Clips


WHY WE LIKE IT: This cable management system comes in a 50-piece pack with 25 small (5mm) cable clips and 25 large (9mm) cable clips, making it an excellent choice for small to large entertainment centers.

  • Strong self-adhesive design
  • Comes with 25 small cable clips and 25 large cable clips
  • Blends well with most home and office decor
  • Not as strong on carpet or vinyl floors
  • The adhesive is strongest 24 hours after use

This cable clip holder is very well made. It features a rubberized semi-circle construction to tuck cables under with a flat base and sticky adhesive that bonds strongly to dry surfaces including walls and glass. Two sizes (small and large)makes them great for single thick coaxial cables or three to four smaller cables (think – iPad, iPhone, and laptop charger cables).

Aesthetics with these cable clips are on the industrial side. A rugged black finish complements most office decor nicely and blends in well. All in all, we were very impressed with these cable clips construction and holding ability. It can hold charger cables and other long cables, even any of the best HDMI cables.

 #5  eBoot 100 Pieces Adhesive Cable Clips


WHY WE LIKE IT: These cable clips come in a 100-pack with an ultra-compact sizing (19 by 14 mm), great for people who prefer a more blended, discreet designmounting on walls and other smooth surfaces.

  • Super discreet size (19 by 14 mm)
  • Neutral black color; easy to miss
  • Works very well organizing smaller iPhone and tablet chargers
  • Not thick enough to hold larger cables (e.g. coaxial and HDMI cables)
  • Adhesive could be a lot stronger

These 19 by 14 mm cables are super compact. Like most cable clips, these consist of a flat, adhesive-backed base with two rounded “arms” to hug cables in place. IUts small sizing makes it large enough to accommodate thinner cables such as iPhone and Android table chargers against a table edge for extra discreteness.

At 19 by 14mm, aesthetics make it barely noticeable. Strong adhesive backing holds to walls very well with no nails or screws needed, which can create holes in walls if not mounted properly. So take care when clipping cables connected to electronics on top of your best TV rolling TV mount carts, or anything that moves. Kudos for coming with 100 cable clips, which should easily serve a large household or commercial office for years.

 #6  Eyelslet Self-adhesive Cable Clips


WHY WE LIKE IT: These cable clips come in a transparent and use a simple peel and stick application, working great for people who would prefer to blend them into the decor and keep “out of sight and out of mind”

  • Clear color blends in well
  • Comes in a multi-pack of 20
  • Easy “peel and stick” style adhesive
  • Diameter may be too thick (0.27 inches) for thinner cables

These cable clips are sturdy and dependable. It uses a half-moon shaped “grip” which keeps cables as thick as 0.27 inches safety tucked within. A flat base is a simple peel and stick application, with strong enough adhesive to stick well on any smooth surface. Our favorite feature with these cable clips is its transparent construction, which really blends in well with most home and office decor.

We like these cable clips for all types of cables, including USB cords, wired headphones, HDMI, and coaxial cables. Our only knock is that a thinner cable like an iPhone or tablet charger may not be “sticky enough” on its own and may need to be bunched in with other cables. So add in your best 4K blu ray player cable and others there too. Kudos for coming in a pack of 20, which should suit most households and offices.

 #7  Command Round Cord Cable Clips


WHY WE LIKE IT: These cable clips come in a transparent construction with “hook style” clips, making it a great choice for indoor picture hanging.

  • Adhesive does not damage surface
  • Self-adhesive design is easy to use
  • The transparent design blends in well with the decor
  • For indoor use only
  • Not as sticky on carpet or vinyl flooring

Aside from the Command name, we really like these cord clips construction. A single curved arm makes it better suited for picture hanging (using back hooks) and a transparent, clear construction makes it blend very well with the background.

This rounded cord clip set comes in a pack of 16 or 40. Like 3M cable clips, we appreciate its extra-strong adhesive, which bonds onto smooth surfaces really well. It leaves no residue, stains, or a sticky mess behind with no stripping of drywall or paint, even when mounted and re-mounted against a wall.

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How We Decided

In determining the best cable clip to buy, we explored design, type/material, how well it protects cables, and aesthetics.

Good cable clips will incorporate stretchy like, rubber arms for a firm grip over a thick coaxial cable or several thinner iPhone and tablet cables. A flat back should contain an adhesive or use a nail to drill onto a wall for firm mounting. Our preference is for clear, transparent cable clips that blend seamlessly into the environment – out of sight and out of mind. The adhesive should also be strong enough to hold multiple cables, especially important with retrofitting where in-wall installations are not possible.

Cable clips should also protect cables well. No protruding sharp edges or wear adhesive backing should be the norm to keep your cables organized and firmly mounted in one place. When used with a cable holder or cable organizer, it can be even more effective.

Lastly, we looked into aesthetics. No cable clips wire here. Our preference is for clear or transparent cable clips that blend into the background. Most carry neutral colors such as black and white, which shouldn’t call too much attention. Note, a lot of these cable clips are designed to tuck out of place or along table edges where they can never be seen.

Best Cable Clips Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Design
    Our preference is for cable clips to carry clear and transparent hooks and bases for seamless integration into the environment. Its “arms or hooks” should be rigid enough to hold a single large cable (e.g HDMI) or several thinner cables firmly in place without slipping off. Consider this an important part of cord management.
  2. Type/Material
    Rubberized cable clips are highly recommended, as they do not contain sharp edges and grip pretty well with its rigid yet flexible surface.
  3. How Well It Protects Cables
    Cable clips should fully protect your cables from getting frayed or worn. For this, we like rubberized cable clips that offer a good combination of rigidity and flexibility, especially useful when tucking one more cable in for mounting. This is especially true with power strips and surge protectors.
  4. Aesthetics
    Cable clips don’t typically call too much attention. Most are based on neutral colors including white, black, and clear. Note, two of our recommended picks use a nail or small screw instead of adhesive backing to mount them firmly on a wall or flat surface.
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