Do you remember that trend several years ago about people sitting on exercise balls in the office? The intent was good – it was intended to get people moving and solve blood and spine-related problems from sitting too long. In practice, however, it looked ridiculous and felt too uncomfortable for all but the most obsessed. You can see that the best office chairs of 2019 look far more…traditional. If you really want to pull the room together, take a look at our “Prometheus” aint got nothing on this “Aliens” lamp review.

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However a Kickstarter project is trying to bring the ball idea back with Sprang (except with Finnish “a” so that it rhymes with “strong,” a questionable marketing decision if there ever was one). It’s new version of the exercise ball craze that adds a bit more chair – but manages to look just as crazy. If you want to upgrade your office with a recliner, take a look at the best reclining office chair too.

It’s easy to see how Sprang works: the office chair sandwiches a small exercise ball inside, puts a seat cushion on top of it, and offers a bar-stool-like support wedge for the small of your back. The wedge provides both stability and a posture reminder with its spring-coil design. With this setup, you can move and swivel around to your heart’s content, without worry too much about falling off – although it comes with office chair coasters, which seems like a dangerous move to us. Presumably, this also does your spine and blood pressure some good.

Sprang Swivel
Look how much fun she’s having!

We don’t doubt that the Sprang chair is exactly what it looks like, or that it’s an interesting development in the office chair market. But it looks exactly like a late night infomercial waiting to happen, and that doesn’t inspire our trust. It has, however, inspired a number of investors to easily push Sprang past its crowdfunding goals, so this office chair is becoming a reality.

If you are considering a chair alternative and don’t like standing, keep Sprang on your list, at least for the fun of it. If nothing else, it’s a lot cheaper than many of those ergonomic office chairs out there: You can get one for $350 (better deals have since sold out) if you visit the crowdfunding page: The chair ships in August 2016, so you won’t have to want too long for it to hit the market.

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