SONOS PLAY:3, Ships Today, Costs $299 (video)

Today, SONOS announced an all new, smaller, friendly home music player/speaker called the PLAY:3.

Much like their S5, it’s a single box that contains a set of speakers, an amplifier and can be controlled using a computer or smartphone running their compatible app.  Hidden behind the mesh grill are 3 integrated speakers (one tweeter and two 3” mid-range) and 3 dedicated Class-D digital amplifiers.  A special sensor detects if the speaker is positioned vertically or horizontally and modifies the speaker’s output accordingly to “ensure clean, balanced, room-filing sound in any position”.

Since there is no actually storage or drive on the PLAY:3, it connects to the Internet and can suck down music from a variety of locations include Pandora, Napster, Spotify, a NAS, your laptop, iPad, iPhone, iPod and 100,000+ Internet radio stations.  And it just wouldn’t be a SONOS if it wasn’t multiroom capable, which means that it can sync wirelessly with other players allowing you to enjoy perfectly syncronized music throughout every room in your home.  

But herein lies the rub.  You’ll still need to purchase SONOS’ wireless Bridge – it connects wired to your home’s router – which is necessary if you want to connect the PLAY:3, or any of their other players to the Net to stream music.  This is despite the fact that their players have built-in WiFi.  Fortunately, SONOS has seen fit to drop the price of the Bridge to $49 and you’ll need just one in your home, provided of course all of your players are within its wireless proximity.

So if you’re down with SONOS, you can pick up the PLAY:3 today for $299, which is the cheapest of their offerings.



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