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Sonos Intros The Playbar, Price and Launch Date Announced (video)

It’s no secret that I’ve long had a love affair with Sonos.  I tested out the company’s Sonos Play 5 some time ago and wasn’t all that floored.   That is until I got my hands on two of the Play 3s, and then and only then did I understand the speaker system’s true utility.  Now I’ve got four Play 3 speakers scattered throughout my home, and I couldn’t be happier.  Sure, they lack the full range and audio quality of a dedicated home theater system, but the convenience easily outweighs any fidelity demands I might have.

Adding to that convenience factor today, is the announcement of the Sonos soundbar, the Playbar.  The Playbar really needs no explanation as it connects to your TV using a single optical cable and lets you enjoy movies and tv shows in what the company is calling “amazing HiFi sound”.


There are a total of nine individually amplified speakers inside of the 3-foot long rectangular box – that’s six mid-woofers to “deliver deep, rich low-frequency sounds, and three tweeters for crystal clear high-frequency detail.”  If you want really lows, though, you’ll need to invest in Sonos’ wireless amp, called SUB.  It retails for a wallet stinging $699.  And if you want true 5.1 surround sound, you’ll need two of the company’s Play 3 speakers, which will set you back another $299 each.

But with that comes, what else, the convenience of being able to control your entire home’s audio system, home theater now included, from your Android or iOS device.  As with the Play 3s, Play 5s, and all of the company’s other offerings, you’ll also be able to stream Spotify, Pandora, your entire music library, and more through the Sonos Playbar, with or without it synced to the rest of the Sonos speakers in your home.

The Sonos Playbar soundbar ships March 5th and will retail for $699.

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