Are you looking for a scalable security system that is simple, wireless, portable, encrypted, offers you alerts, and much more, while also being affordable, with no Contracts? It sounds like a pipe dream, but it’s very real. It is called Securmate.

Securmate is Easy To Use and Portable

Securmate is a portable security system and home automation device that is easy to install, with no messy wires. It doesn’t even need a hub. As the company points out, a hub is just another point of failure. Securmate is all about security made simple.


It is the only wireless entrance sensor that connects directly through your existing Wi-Fi without the need for a hub. Securmate uses regular alkaline batteries and you monitor it using a companion app. That’s it. Simple.

Securmate can also connect to other popular smarthome products through IFTTT, so it will serve your home automation needs as well.

Do you rent, but wish that you could install a home security system? This is a perfect solution since there’s no drilling or wiring required. Just attach it and detach it to take with you when you move. Take it with you to hotels, AirBnbs, or anywhere else since it works over Wi-Fi. It is also ideal for students in dorm rooms.

You can use Securmate on doors, drawers, windows, in your garage, or any other entrance. If you live with someone who is elderly or has special needs, you’ll get an instant alert whenever they leave the room or the house. Since it has a minimal design, this device works anywhere.

Installing is easy. As long as you know how to use Wi-Fi, you won’t have any trouble. Just set it up once with your Wi-Fi credentials, then stick it to the entrance of a property you want to protect and turn on the alarm. If someone enters, you’ll get a push notification on any phone that has the app installed. Your friends and family will also get an email.

Securmate Is A Simple Scalable Security System
Securmate is easy to use and effective.

Completely Scalable and Expandable

By connecting Securmate with IFTTT, you can access a wide variety of other products and use cases, making sure that you have a system that fits your needs. These IFTTT Services will be free for the first year. This way you can do things like use a smart light or siren when an intrusion occurs, capture video footage and much more.

This simple system allows you to build your own home automation system. That’s what sets it apart. It’s especially great for those who are new to home security products.

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