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The iPhone 6 was a major release for Apple, showing off not only two new versions of the iPhone but also updating many important features, including screen size, Apple Pay, and much more. To find out what the iPhone 6 has to offer, visit Gadget Review and take a look at our iPhone 6 reviews and our expert comparisons with the other major smartphones available on the market. Is the update screen size of the iPhone 6 still too small compared to alternatives like the Samsung Edge? Is the higher price worth updating now, or should you wait? How does the iPhone 6 work with devices like the Apple Watch? Gadget Review has the answers to these questions and much more.

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We can also help you find the best iPhone 6 cases and battery packs to make sure that your iPhone is well protected no matter your hobbies, and always has a fresh source of power. When it comes to the latest iOS updates and new Apple apps, we'll also let you know what the installation requirements are, and if you should proceed with the download or wait a bit until Apple smooths out the wrinkles.