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Quickdraw Is An Elegant and Durable Lightning Cable for Apple Devices

There are literally thousands of cheap, uncertified and counterfeit iPhone lightning cables available in the market. They don’t only stop working after a certain time or if Apple releases a new software update, but they are a little dangerous as well. We’ve seen accidents occur in the past due to counterfeit chargers, which even resulted in a loss of life in China. This is one of the many reasons why you should always choose a genuine Apple cable or a one certified by the folks at Cupertino.

It’s a little hard to find quality lightning cable for the iPhone or an iPad. Recently, we came across a Kickstarter project by the UK-based Woodford Design, who aim to bring a lightning cable in the market, which is not only Apple MFI Certified, but also comes with elegant looks as well. The cable is one meter long, and is crafted from silver anodised aluminium, with a waterproof plug.


It comes with a “8 pin connector, electronics, cable and woven sheath moulded together to produce an incredibly strong and durable plug.” The creators feel its so durable that they are willing to give customers a lifetime guarantee. If you face any problem with it, they’re going to replace it free of charge. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that you take your cable after year of use with excessive wear and tear or if Apple stop certifying other cables.

The cable is compatible with all Apple devices that have an 8 pin Lightning connector, including iPhone 5/5S/5C, iPad Air, iPad 4th Generation, both versions of iPad Mini and iPod Touch 5th Generation.

The project is currently seeking funds on the crowd funding website Kickstarter, and have managed to raise $23,335 against their goal of $10,000, with 17 more days. The early bird pledge of $15 / €12 is already sold out, but you can pledge $25 / €18 to get their hands on the Quickdraw cable with free worldwide shipping and lifetime warranty. The product is expected to ship in August 2014 for the early birds. Head over to the Kickstarter page to pledge if you think this is something useful, and get more information.

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