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PU Leather Repair for Office Chair

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Many of the best office chairs on the market today are constructed using polyurethane (PU) leather, which is faux leather made using thermoplastic polymer. It is very popular with vegans. Despite its many benefits, such as easy water absorption, it is not breathable and more susceptible to cracking and wearing over time. And, if your chair is peeling, you’ll want to learn how to fix a peeling leather office chair.


  • PU leather office chairs can fray and wear over time due to excess sunlight exposure or general wear and tear.
  • In places where PU leather is peeling, leather filler or leather paint is a good option.
  • Although PU leather is a cheaper viable option, we recommend genuine leather, which has been known to last 20 years or longer with regular care.

How to Repair Your PU Leather Office Chair

If you don’t want to have to worry about leather peeling, you can look into getting one of the highest-rated fabric office chairs. However, they are still susceptible to damage like leather chairs but require different maintenance. Here are steps you can take to repair a PU leather office chair.

Tools Needed: 180-grit sandpaper, matching marker, leather filler, leather conditioning, putty knife, smoothening card

STEP 1 Peel Off the Pieces

Remove all of the excess flakes that have peeled off of your chair using a business card or razor blade. Be sure not to nick healthy portions of the PU leather. PU leather helps to improve office chair blood flow, which is great for productivity in the workplace so be sure to only remove the torn pieces. Discard all pieces in a nearby trash can.

STEP 2 Apply PU Leather Paint

Use a small paintbrush to apply leather paint to the affected areas. Be sure to start with your chair’s back and sides before proceeding to the seat.

STEP 3 Let Paint Dry

Be sure to wait a considerable amount of time (at least 40 minutes) between each coat of paint or run the risk of smudging. Apply no more than 3 coats.

STEP 4 Apply High Gloss Paint Finish

Using a new brush, apply a high gloss paint finish with even horizontal strokes. Add more coats as needed, limiting it to three. You may also opt for leather filler instead of a high gloss paint finish. Leather filler creates a new leather-like surface and is extra water and light-resistant. However, it is easier to match paint than filler to your PU leather office chair’s color. If you find it difficult to complete these steps then you can just get a protection plan as long as you get positive office chair warranty information. If you like bright colors or designs on your chair you may want to consider looking into gaming chairs. If you are curious we have a comparison of two well know gaming chair brands in GT Omega Racing vs DXRacer.


How do you fix a PU leather peeling chair?

It only takes a few simple steps. Peel off all the excess flakes before applying several layers of leather paint/leather filler and a high gloss finish to even out the area. Expect to take less than an hour to complete this, with the majority of it waiting for each coat of paint to dry before reapplying.

How do you keep PU leather from peeling?

A regular care schedule is the best way to keep your PU leather from peeling. Use a dry lint-free microfiber cloth to dust it every now and then. Additional PU leather conditioning products can also be applied every 3 to 6 months for a more thorough clean and to maintain shine.

How long does PU leather last?

PU leather can take up to 20 years. However, keep in mind different manufacturers do not use the same materials. Note that polyurethane is also used for industrial purposes, so it is known for its durability.

STAT: It can last a long time and generally gains a nice texture as it ages. If given proper care, an accessory made of this material can last between 10 and 20 years. (source)

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