Many office chairs recline and that’s great. We love this feature. However, if something goes wrong with your desk chair, it can recline in a bad way. When a chair leans or tilts so much that it is uncomfortable, you aren’t getting proper back support. Sometimes it leans too much to one side. But you can learn how to fix an office chair that leans forward or backward. It’s easy. Even the best office chair under $300 has problems now and then.

Heck, even the best office chair under 500 can have problems sometimes. If you want the best for your office, you may want to look here to find the best reclining office chair.

How To Fix An Office Chair That Leans Forward
Fixing your office chair is easy.

Learn How To Fix An Executive Chair That Leans Forward

Any office chair that is leaning to one side is bad for your posture, so bad for your health. Plus it is just uncomfortable. Maybe it is leaning forward, backward, or to one side. This puts too much pressure on the spine, specifically the lumbar area. This defeats the purpose of a good office chair. Don’t worry, we have some easy fixes to get your chair back to a level sitting position.

Check Your Office Chair Casters

You might need an adjustable wrench, a Philips head screwdriver, and a flat tip screwdriver. With some basic knowledge of how office chairs are built, it’s easy to identify the problems. The first thing to check is the casters. These are always located at the bottom of the task chair.

They allow the chair to move around easily. But sometimes they can become loose due to a loosened when you move or adjust your chair. It could also be missing a screw, or they can bend. This is why it is important to check the casters first. Make sure that they are screwed firmly in place and that they are not bent. If they are bent, you can replace them easily by screwing in a new one. You can also survey other options with more adjustability, lumbar support, and comfort, by reading about some of the most comfortable office chairs on the market today.

Check Your Office Chair Swivel Seat Plate

If your casters are not the problem, it could be the metallic plate underneath the seat. To find out, look and see if all of the bolts are tightly screwed into the holder of the plastic seat rest. Some times bolts missing on the side of the plate are why your office chair leans. If this is the case, buy some replacement bolts and screw them in using an adjustable wrench.

If there are no bolts missing, your problem may be that the chair seat plate is bent, in which case you will need to replace the seat plate. This is a common problem with ergonomic office chairs.

How To Fix An Office Chair That Leans Forward
Learn how to fix an office chair that leans.

Fixing A Chair That Leans Backward

When your chair leans too far back, this is also a problem. First, determine if the chair has a tilt tension adjustment knob. You may need to adjust it for more resistance while leaning back or reclining. It is usually a knob underneath at the seat’s center. Release the tension knob or tighten it for more tension. Make sure that you adjust your office chair seat height the way you want too.

If your chair doesn’t have this knob, there should be a lever underneath the chair. This lever lets you lock the back in a predetermined position. Tightening this lever should lock the back but is also not a good way to control backward leaning. You might also want to read about how to sit correctly in an office chair.


It’s pretty simple to determine how to fix an office chair or a gaming chair that leans forward or backward. Once you find the cause the solution is easy. It doesn’t matter if you use a highback chair or any other kind. I use a Steelcase Gesture and these office chair adjustments work for me. The goal is to have the most comfortable office chair we can have.

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