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The Optoma HD28DSE is minor upgrade model that’s primarily suited for those who haven’t switched their home projector in years and are looking for a good replacement that will give them more than entry level specs – plus imaging technology to make the picture as sharp as possible. But let’s see how this model performs overall!


The screen size range for this 1080p Optoma is 71 inches from 8 front and 107 inches from 12 feet. That 3000 lumen bulb is rated for a long lifespace, and the mode includes both keystone correction and lens shift for easier placement and adjustment. Ports for the model include 2 HDMI connections, a 3D sync port, a mini USB and USB-A option, and 12V trigger.


  • New processing technology for extra sharp image
  • Very bright bulb for the cost
  • Good for gaming


  • Can make images “over” sharp
  • Some issues with contrast and blacks
  • May cause noticeable rainbow effects
Optoma HD28DSE
Back of Optoma HD28DSE

Trusted Reviews

Trusted Reviews like the processing technology of Optoma, which adds detail and clarity to the image for a better picture, especially when it comes to action movies. They also praised the low lag on the projector, which may not seem like a big deal at first, but is excellent for gaming with your monitor! On the downside, the dynamic blacks didn’t really impress them, and they noted that the range was limited.

“The HD28DSE delivers its pictures using a single-chip DLP system, claimed to be capable of pumping out a huge 3,000 lumens of brightness and an unexpectedly high 30,000:1 contrast ratio.

Note, though, that this contrast figure is based on a “Dynamic Black” feature that adjusts light output in response to the image content. This is a process that can result in light instability issues if it isn’t handled well. This is especially likely if partnered with the sort of extreme brightness the HD28DSE can apparently deliver.

The practical benefit of the Dynamic Black feature is that it delivers a claimed 8,000 hours of life from the HD28DSE’s lamp. That’s an impressive figure for such a bright, affordable projector – and it means that, even if you watch a movie every day, it could last you up to 10 years.”

Projector Central

Projector Central notes that the lowish cost and long lamp life of the model combine to make it an ideal pick for homeowners who want to save some money. However, they noticed that DarbeeVision was a little unpredictable, and often best left on a low setting to avoid messing with a pixture too much – although once again, it appears ideally suited for video games.

“The picture looked dramatically overprocessed, as if Sharpness was highly overdriven. After some further poking around I discovered that the projector had powered on with the optional DarbeeVision feature already enabled at an aggressive setting.

DarbeeVision is a video processing sub-system intended to increase contrast, color saturation, and detail definition/separation, in the hope of creating a sharper, cleaner picture. You have the choice of activating it or not, in the same way that you can activate frame interpolation or detail enhancement features on other products. When DarbeeVision is on, you can choose varying degrees of aggressiveness between 0% and 120%. (It was already “on” and set to 80% in its factory configuration out of the box.) At more modest settings it can be quite helpful, making the picture look sharper and clearer.”

Amazon Users

Amazon users liked the image processing as a poor man’s 4k option, and noted that brightness levels seemed improved from past models. However, several reviewers agreed that that there were some “visual artifacts” that created color flaws across the image on occasion. Even more reviewers claimed that the projector bulb had a habit of failing during the first year, sometimes only lasting a few months.

“The overall picture quality is good. Still getting use to the Darbee settings. I’ve found the Hi-Def setting at 30-45% seems to work best. Any higher and the picture starts to look over processed. The colors are amazing. The brightness from being a DLP really seems to help with how vibrant they are. Slightly grainy at times with fast images but nothing out of the ordinary for a projector at this price. Something I feel could be tweaked within the settings as well. Picture quality 8/10.”

Bottom Line

For a more affordable, gamer-friendly model, this Optoma makes a solid upgrade choice – but beware of bulb failures, which seem to be an issue with this model. We suggest never letting it overheat. Check out all the Gadget Review projector reviews.

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