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Updated: Jan 29, 2024 7:21 AM
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What are the features that make the best InFocus projectors? InFocus is best known for versatile, high-quality projectors that work well in classrooms, auditoriums, and for business and professional uses. They also offer a diverse array of wall-mount, ceiling-mount, and freestanding home and portable projectors and projector stands.

InFocus projectors have enough brightness to project quality images in challenging ambient light conditions. The brand also provides vivid color reproduction and plenty of contrast. Many current InFocus models offer options like remote control and variable optical zoom ratio for a flexible projection distance.

While InFocus’ mainstay remains in the business and education markets, their products are also worth checking out if you’re looking for a value-packed projector with WiFi for your home theater. The brand’s product line also stands out for its HD projector models that support 3D content. With such a broad range of projectors, InFocus offers options for those looking for a high-quality projector on various budgets. Although, for even higher quality, you’ll want to look at the best Sony projectors that boast 4K resolution.

Keep reading to see how InFocus stacks up against other brands.

Top InFocus Projectors

 #1  InFocus IN119HDXA Projector


WHY WE LIKE IT: This projector produces crisp Full HD visuals ideal for movies, classrooms, and conference rooms. It has a bright 3,600-lumen lamp and a very high contrast ratio that supports viewing in well-lit and dark rooms.

  • Impressive Full HD imagery
  • Supports 3D content
  • Bright 3,600-lumen lamp
  • Buggy internal speakers

The InFocus IN119HDXA projector delivers high-quality 1080P visuals ideal for home theaters and conference rooms. This projector produces a whopping 3,600 lumens of brightness, working well in moderately lit rooms. With a 28,000:1 contrast ratio, this projector offers great dark room performance and offers great black depth. It produces a maximum image size of 300 inches, so it’s suitable for big audiences. However, the internal speakers on this model continue working even when external audio devices are connected.

Whether this model is long-throw capable remains to be seen. But, you’ll need a long-throw model if you want the best picture without the projector sitting too close to the screen. Moreover, long-throw projectors work great as golf simulators.

A durable lamp with a life of about 15,000 hours provides maintenance-free operation. This projector doesn’t have expensive filters. Powered by modern DLP technology, this projector supports 3D content from computers, consoles, and DVD players. It has two HDMI ports and a USB interface connecting easily to a wide variety of devices. It’s HDMI CEC compatible, working seamlessly with other devices. This model comes with remote control for easy operation. The projector boasts BrilliantColor technology, offering vibrant, gorgeous images.

 #2  InFocus IN114xv Projector


WHY WE LIKE IT: With a very bright lamp and large screen size, this projector is ideal for home theaters and classrooms. It has a remarkably high 26000:1 contrast ratio and produces gorgeous colors.

  • Handy zoom and keystone adjustment function
  • Brilliant 3800-lumen DLP lamp
  • 3D-ready setup
  • Relatively low XGA 1023 x 768 resolution

Featuring a well-ventilated design, the InFocus IN114xv projector optimizes airflow to prevent overheating. This projector has a very bright 3800-lumen lamp that will provide clear visuals in lit rooms. And, it supports spatial content from a variety of devices, and has advanced controls for image shift, test patterns, and AV mute, offering hassle-free management. However, its HD 1024 x 768 resolution is a tad lower than other models.

An HDMI 1.4b connector plugs into modern consoles and computers, while VGA and S-video inputs allow connecting to legacy devices. With a projection distance that ranges from 3.3 feet to 39 feet, this projector is suitable for small offices, home theaters, and large conference rooms. It has a zoom ratio of about 1.1:1 and supports keystone adjustment for a flexible setup. This model works with a Lightcast Key (not included) for connecting to iPads.

 #3  InFocus 112XV Projector


WHY WE LIKE IT: This projector has decent features suitable for people who are shopping on a tight budget. It has a bright digital light processing lamp and supports legacy and newer input devices.

  • Brilliant image quality
  • HDMI and VGA ports
  • On-board controls
  • Low SVGA resolution
  • Lacks speakers

This InFocus IN112XV projector uses about 195W of power, producing vibrant content for movies and presentations. The projector has a powerful DLP lamp that lasts for up to 15,000 hours. With a 16000:1 contrast ratio, this projector delivers deep blacks, making it a good choice for home theaters. It has a projection distance ranging from a low 3.3 feet to 39 feet. However, this model lacks built-in speakers and requires connecting external audio devices.

An included remote control simplifies operating this projector. This projector is compatible with Lightcast Keys (sold separately) for connecting mobile iOS devices. It produces 800 x 600 SVGA images, so it’s adequate for low-resolution home movies and presentations for small groups. Equipped with VGA, S-video, and HDMI inputs, the projector will work with a wide variety of input devices and it’s 3D-ready. This projector offers versatile image sizes, ranging from 28” to 300”.

 #4  InFocus IN124a Projector


WHY WE LIKE IT: A suite of ports that include USB, S-video, and VGA offers flexible connectivity. This projector produces great images with stunning colors and gets bright enough to fight glare in rooms with open windows.

  • Impressive colors
  • Very bright images
  • Huge selection of ports
  • Relatively low 7,000-hour lamp life
  • Not suitable for big audiences
  • Low XGA resolution

The InFocus IN124a projector has a native XGA 1024 x 768 resolution suitable for home movies and presentations to small groups. It has a brilliant DLP lamp producing up to 3500 lumens of light to fight glare in well-lit rooms, which is slightly higher lumens than some of the leading Acer projectors. This InFocus projector has an excellent 15000:1 contrast ratio, displaying pitch dark scenes in movies accurately. However, this model is not suitable for presentations at events to big audiences.

It boasts two VGA ports and an HDMI 1.4 interface for connecting to computers, DVD players, and consoles. This model also has an S-video connector for plugging into older devices. A USB port accommodates thumb drives. With an ENERGY STAR certification, this projector is quite efficient and it’s 3D-ready for spatial content. An optional wireless network adapter can convert this device into a smart projector, and its lamp lasts for about 7,000 hours.

 #5  InFocus IN1188HD Projector


WHY WE LIKE IT: Featuring a compact design and weighing just 4.4 lbs, this model is ideal for people who travel for business. It has an on-board document viewer and delivers detailed imagery with its native Full HD resolution.

  • Impressive Full HD resolution
  • Very portable, lightweight construction
  • Ultra-long lamp life
  • Doesn’t get very bright

Individuals who need to make presentations in the field will be pleased with the ultra-portable design of the InFocus 1188HD projector. It weighs just 4.4 lbs and will easily fit in backpacks for travel. Equipped with a Quantum Color Engine, this projector produces gorgeous imagery with natural colors. It comes with an ultra-durable DLP lamp that runs for up to 30,000 hours before requiring replacement. However, with a maximum brightness of just 3000 lumens, this projector doesn’t get as bright as other models.

It has 1080p Full HD native resolution displaying movies and presentations with sharp details. The projector is equipped with a wireless onboard document viewer with QuadView, allowing users to scroll through documents without connecting to a computer. This projector supports 3D, working with 144Hz DLP Link 3D glasses (not included) for an immersive viewing experience. This projector comes with a lens cap, HDMI cable, and carrying case. It’s equipped with powerful speakers for audio playback.

 #6  InFocus IN136 Projector


WHY WE LIKE IT: This projector has advanced interfaces that support attaching streaming sticks, PC sticks, and Raspberry Pi devices easily. This model produces very bright images, so it’s suitable for very brightly lit rooms.

  • Remarkably quiet performance
  • TechStation and HDMI station for streaming and PC sticks
  • Impressive contrast
  • So-so resolution

This InFocus IN136 projector is the device of choice for brightly lit spaces and outdoor environments. Featuring a maximum brightness of 4000 lumens, this projector provides bright imagery. It has a contrast ratio of 28,500:1, delivering impressive dark scenes during movie watching and gaming. This projector produces deep accurate colors, so it’s very good for movies. However, its 1280 x 800 resolution is a bit low for presentations and high-resolution movies.

It has an HDMI bay that provides compatibility with Google Chromecast and other streaming sticks. The projector also has a TechStation that works with PC sticks and Raspberry Pi devices, turning the projector into a computer. With a lamp life of about 15,000 hours, this projector is easy to maintain. It has a cooling-optimized chassis that prevents the lamp from overheating. This projector operates quietly, so it’s ideal for offices.

Introduction to InFocus Projectors

An innovator in digital projectors, InFocus has made advanced projectors for business, education, and home use since 1986. Established in Portland, Oregon, the brand is known for creating some of the first digital projectors ever introduced to the market, including the first consumer-focused DLP projector. Other InFocus firsts include compact-sized projectors weighing less than 8 oz and some of the earliest interactive projectors.

Today, their lineup includes many different projectors, including DLP, LCD projectors, portable projector models, and ultra-long, lamp-life laser projectors. Their most popular item model tends to be a mid-range projector suited for both business presentations and movies & gaming.

In addition to innovative laser and interactive projectors, InFocus offers a full range of portable projector models equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth, and built-in speakers. Along with brands like Panasonic and BenQ, InFocus provides some of the leading high-tech smart projectors for work and home entertainment.

How InFocus Compares to Other Brands

(Pro 1) Advanced Technologies: The latest projectors from InFocus benefit from innovative, advanced features and cutting-edge light source and image rendering technologies. If you’re looking for a projector with over 4000 lumens of brightness and decent lamp life, then one of the newer InFocus laser projectors may be worth considering. Or, if you want a compact HD native 1080P projector, the InFocus HD models offer excellent picture quality.

(Con 1) Can Get Pricey for Feature Content: When it comes to home movie projectors and portable WiFi projector models, InFocus isn’t the cheapest brand out there. Depending on what display resolution you need, and whether you require upgraded brightness, portable InFocus projectors can be almost as costly as the larger classroom models.

(Pro 2) Top-Notch Image Quality: With generally very well-made lenses and proven expertise in DLP and 3LCD projector design, InFocus products tend to offer exceptional image quality, with results that surpass expectations for a given native resolution and rated lumen brightness level. Expect brilliant, true-to-life color, darker blacks, and whiter whites.

InFocus, a prominent player in the projector industry, faces competition from several leading brands, including Epson, which is renowned for its 3LCD projector technology. The following table highlights their key differences and strengths in such as technology and image quality

InFocus Vs Epson Projector comparison table.
FeatureInFocus ProjectorsEpson Projectors
Projection TechnologyMainly DLP, known for sharp imagesPrimarily 3LCD, offering bright, natural colors
Image QualityGood, with a focus on sharpness and contrastExcellent color accuracy and brightness
BrightnessGenerally good, suitable for various settingsVery bright, ideal for well-lit rooms
Usage CasesBusiness, education, and home cinemaVersatile, for home theater, business, and education
Connectivity OptionsStandard HDMI, USB, VGAHDMI, USB, VGA, and wireless options in higher models
Special FeaturesSome models with interactive and short-throw optionsRange of models with features like lens shift and high zoom ratios

(Con 2) Some Complex Controls: Since many InFocus projectors have features geared toward business projector use, some control systems on these professional projectors may not be as intuitive as other brands’ systems. However, for many control questions, you can find answers in product info and product guides. InFocus product description spec sheets usually provide instructions for setting up key features.

(Pro 3) Versatile Input and Connectivity Options: While a budget projector may limit input options, InFocus models offer a range of PC and mobile device connection ports. Connection ports typically include HDMI cable and USB or VGA cable ports. Some models have a 3.5mm audio-out port for connecting external speakers and a composite video jack.

(Con 3) Traditional DLP Models May Have Lower Peak Brightness: While InFocus’ classroom projector and business projector models excel at versatility, some competitors offer higher peak brightness ratings. Lamp brightness isn’t everything, however, and a cheap projector may put out a bright image at the expense of contrast and color, washing out dark backgrounds.

(Pro 4) Interchangeable Lens Options and User-Friendly Servicing: Unlike many home projectors, InFocus projectors often feature different lenses to adjust projection distance. Conventional models also tend to offer features like a power-saving eco mode designed to boost lamp life and lower the cost of ownership.

(Con 4) Some Features Require Periodic Firmware Updates: While not unique to the brand, the need for occasional control & firmware updates can be inconvenient for some users. On a Bluetooth projector or a projector with WiFi, there may be automatic update options.

Why You Should Buy an InFocus Projector

InFocus projectors are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a versatile, high-quality projector that offers brilliant color and enough light output to make content visible in an average living room. With flexible hardware interface options and advanced features like stereo input, multiple preset modes, and the ability to display 3D movies and video games, InFocus projectors can make a great addition to a home entertainment setup.

While they may be somewhat more expensive than discount brands’ projectors, InFocus smart projectors benefit from their advanced image processing engine, allowing for clearer images and lower power usage.

InFocus’ laser projectors also stand out in the cinema projector market for their brighter images, excellent color balance, and low maintenance requirements. Their professional projectors also tend to offer convenient on-the-fly adjustments, including keystone correction and color contrast adjustments. These key features can make it easier to get accurate images for a presentation or seminar.

How Long Will an InFocus Projector Last?

As one of the most popular types of projector used in classrooms, offices, and theaters, InFocus projectors have a relatively solid track record for durability. Vital components that do wear out typically have a rated lifetime, and replacement parts, such as a bulb or a reconditioned optics assembly, tend to be available at an affordable price.

According to general-use business guidelines, users can expect a digital projector to last at least three to five years. The lamp may need replacement before this, depending on the frequency of use. Many projector bulbs are rated for around 1,500 to 4,200 hours of lamp life.

In addition to light sources, battery-powered portable projectors may need replacement battery packs eventually. Some built-in rechargeable batteries claim to last as long as the device itself, but most lithium-ion packs have a rated lifespan of between 500 and 2,000 charge cycles.

As with other complex electronic devices, the key to maximizing your InFocus projector’s longevity is avoiding overheating and excess dust. Installing a projector in a space with adequate airflow helps prolong projector life and also reduces fan noise.

InFocus Projector Warranties

InFocus warranty terms vary by model and tend to be industry-competitive. Along with a standard 30-day DOA guarantee, which lets customers exchange any “Dead On Arrival” product, InFocus LED projectors come with a 2-year warranty. Laser projector models have a 20,000 hour or 5-year warranty, and interactive displays include a 3-year warranty.

InFocus’ projector warranty covers major material and workmanship defects and excludes normal wear and tear such as minor scratches. Set-up, connectivity issues, and firmware issues may or may not be covered.

Best InFocus Projectors Questions (FAQ)

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