Learning how to make a projector wireless brings every meeting up a notch. In North America, you don’t often find modern businesses using a wired projector. Even if modern projectors that come with a Bluetooth adapter are out of budget, you can still upgrade your tech to wireless. Skip shopping around for expensive projectors and follow this guide to get the most bang for your buck. Even the best projectors can make a space look ugly because of wired connections.


  • If your printer does have a Bluetooth transmitter, you’ll need to purchase a wireless adapter kit like the Airtame wireless HDMI dongle.
  • Creating a wireless connection can be as easy as downloading software, plugging in the receiver, and clicking a few buttons.
  • Closely follow all manufacturer directions to avoid corrupting your connection with your projector or the software you install.

Using Wireless Adapters with Projectors

Figuring out how to make a projector wireless doesn’t have to be a headache. It should only take a couple of minutes if you’re using a Bluetooth adapter. If you want to take things further, learn how to mount a projector on the ceiling as your next step. Presenting client software looks far more professional with less machinery on the floor. Even outside of a business presentation, you’ll love how much cleaner your space looks.

Insider Tip

Buying a wireless adapter kit is more budget-friendly than buying a wireless projector outright.

How to Use a Wireless Projector Adapter

The easiest way to create a wireless connection with a projector is to buy one with a Bluetooth transmitter built-in. If you didn’t go this route, a Bluetooth adapter would be your best bet. Some projectors come with an easy connection, like an HDMI or USB-C port. You may have to use adapters if it doesn’t. The next step is learning how to set up a projector screen.

STEP 1Check Your Projector for Compatibility

First, make sure that your projector is capable of working with a Bluetooth transmitter. Most current models should be able to, but older models may not. If you have any questions, reach out to customer service, and they can walk you through troubleshooting.

STEP 2 Unbox Your Wireless Projector Adapter

Once you have your wireless adapter fit, take everything out of the box. Keep the directions accessible off to the side. From here, you want to take inventory of all the parts included. Familiarize yourself with each wire or cable, which port they plug into, and how it works with your projector.

STEP 3 Follow the Directions Your Wireless Adapter Kit

Each wireless projector adapter will work differently. Some Wifi or Bluetooth adapters will come with software for on-screen instructions with your laptop. Others will include just a pamphlet explaining the process. Skipping any step laid out may result in your inability to make a direct connection.

STEP 4Install Your Wireless Dongle Software

Your wireless adapter kit will most likely come with a wireless dongle as the Bluetooth adapter. This piece plugs into your projector’s HDMI port. However, you’ll also have to plug the included USB stick into your computer to download whichever piece of software is included. From there, the software and instructions will walk you through the finer details.

STEP 5 Connect the Devices and Complete Installation

Once you’ve installed the software and followed all directions, you should have a wireless solution ready to go. Some systems include a remote control to provide even more maneuverability during presentations.


Not following manufacturer directions could lead to the corruption of your included software, so follow each step closely.


How do you find a WiFi Network?

That depends on the wireless device you’re using. Usually, you’ll look for the name of the WiFi network you’ve set up and then enter the password. Your network password can typically be found on your modem or reset by your network administrator when necessary.

How do you DIY an outdoor movie theater?

A theater projector is a tremendous asset to those looking for an outdoor movie theater experience. There are a few considerations to make before buying a theater projector. For example, having a place to set it up is crucial. A theater projector requires a little more setup than its counterparts.

What are wireless projectors?

A wireless projector is simply one that has wireless functionality built into it. A non-wireless projector requires a physical adapter to connect, like an HDMI adapter.

Is connecting your computer to a projector possible?

Absolutely, and a projector-connected computer is capable of far more. You can use a Bluetooth adapter to do this if your projector lacks a built-in Bluetooth transmitter. If not, you can use a wired connection instead.

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