How Does a WiFi Projector Work?

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The question, “How does a WiFi projector work?” has a few interesting answers. First, you have to know what a wireless connection is and why a connection to a wi-fi network is so crucial for projectors. From your DVD player to game consoles, there are multiple ways we plug projectors into compatible tech. When it comes to the best projectors, having a wireless device is crucial. You can also make your projector wireless if you need to.

Key Takeaways_

  • Sometimes referred to as smart projectors, these handy models will fit you perfectly if you’re looking for a portable movie projector.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth projectors are convenient to have, allowing you to play video games, enjoy a movie theater experience, and more without extra cables getting in the way.
  • Making your projector wireless is a simple process that most people can do by using an adapter that allows projectors to read a wi-fi connection.

Explaining Your Projector With WiFi

Understanding WiFi and Bluetooth projectors won’t be complex. You will need to learn about technical terms and understand how to link up with a Wi-Fi connection. If you’re looking for a movie theater experience, try buying a video projector.

insider tip

Mini projectors are considered the best outdoor projectors for those who need to travel lightly and don’t want to spend too much on the purchase price.

Moreover, mini projectors work well outside, and they’re perfect for using on a homemade, outdoor movie screen.

There are multiple types and throw distance matters most. The question, “How do short throw projectors work?” will explain why projection distance matters.

Defining Wireless Projectors

A wireless projector is simply one that provides a wireless projection in some capacity. This means that they offer smart connectivity options, making connecting to your computer or other devices easy. Although, not all wireless projectors will work with a smartboard if that’s what you’re getting it for. In fact, if you compare smartboards vs interactive projectors, you may want to consider upgrading to a projector instead. 

Your viewing experience will depend significantly on the projector screen you use. It will also depend on the native resolution of your projector.

Explaining the Tech Behind Wireless Projectors

Wireless projection is a new technology that allows you to stream projector movies when a quick cable connection isn’t available. Unlike a cabled projector, these models connect to an existing Wi-Fi network. This allows you to skip that quick cable connection and still provide high-quality images.

Whether it’s a video projector or a more portable device, you can make your basic projector wireless. If the purchase price of a new model is too much, use adapters to make your projector wireless.

Using a Built-In Wireless Card

Check the product description of the projector models you’re interested in. That should tell you if that type of projector has smart connectivity options. Most modern projector models have wireless projection as a feature. Using a projector-connected computer can take every presentation to the next level.

This versatile option works by using a built-in wireless card that enables its smart features. You can easily connect to a source device using this method.

Using a Non-Wireless Projector

You can use a wireless adapter to make your projection wireless. This is an easy process requiring little technical knowledge. Bluetooth projectors are great, but you won’t always have access to one. Overcoming a wired connection is easy if you desire wireless projection. Check our resource article for more info on wireless projectors vs wired projectors, and their unique pros/cons. 


Avoid purchasing budget projectors that don’t include a remote control since they allow shorter transitions when displaying high-quality images.

Connecting to a source device isn’t as easy this way because of the extra steps. You also have to be okay with the purchase price of an adapter.

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