Will Any Projector Work with a Smartboard?

Updated: Feb 13, 2024 1:03 PM
will any projector work with smartboard guide

“Will any projector work with a smartboard?” is being asked by many educators in the modern age. Whether using a 55-inch board or something smaller, an awesome smartboard is an attractive teaching tool. There are other applications, such as a corporate board for professionals, but most technology improves class access to learning. Therefore, if you’re a teacher asking yourself, “Can I write on this projector screen,” you’ll find you can do that and more.

Key Takeaways_

  • An interactive board should work with most projectors, except for specific boards meant for use with SMART-specific projectors.
  • It is unnecessary to hook up a projector to your SMART Board every time you use it, but using a projector gives you a far more effective tool.
  • Some projectors are better than others for making your classroom interactive, so keep in mind the applications for students.

While the cost of projector ownership is rising, smart tech is slowly becoming more attainable. Pairing it with the best projectors will provide a far better curriculum to students.

Using Projectors with SMART Technologies

Teachers everywhere are starting to ask, “Will any projector work with a smartboard?” Being able to control a classroom board by touch or with a light pen is an exciting prospect for most school districts. Tools like the light pen are the reason why class learning technology is evolving. Modern solutions allow you to upgrade classroom projection technology in ways previously thought impossible.

insider tip

Regularly track your analysis of student performance while transitioning over to a smartboard so that you can provide hard data to superiors regarding improvement.

For example, where to position the projector has become less of a hot topic. With lens shift and other common functions for adjustment, viewing angle matters less. Even a 77-inch image is easy to project if your settings are correct.

Common Types of Projectors to Use

There are a few types of projectors, like a Wi-Fi projector, that work well with a collaboration board. This applies only to front-projection boards, however. Brightness matters most when it comes to making your board usable. Ambient light, such as hall lights, is a problem for projection. Blackboards in classrooms don’t have this problem, so keep ambient light in mind if you’re upgrading to a SMART Board.

You’ll also want to consider class access. Some students may struggle to see the screen. Now is the time to start asking questions like, “What is projector throw ratio?” and other technical terms.

An LCD Projector

A video projector is great for classes that focus heavily on watching educational videos. If cinematography is a common classroom tool, the ability to pause scenes and mark up the screen is priceless. As far as front-projection boards go, using video projectors can open new doors.


Most projectors block out infrared light using their lens, but even without infrared light as a concern, it is still not safe to stare directly into the lens.

An LCD projector is a video projector with the same basic functions as other models plus a few more fancy features. If you choose an LCD projector, expect great results.

Portable Projector for Online Teaching

Online teaching has become a staple across the world. The age-old teaching method using blackboards is falling out of favor. A portable projector will pair perfectly with a smartboard and can be a transformative device. No matter where you’re teaching from, your connection capabilities are preserved.

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