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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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What are the features that make the best quiet projector? The best feature these projectors offer is a lower noise output compared to other options, often coming in at 35 decibels or less at their loudest. That makes them one of the best projectors for home theaters.

Although, if you hear this projector running louder, that may indicate a problem like overheating. Read our resource guide to learn tips for overheating projector issues.

In addition to lower noise levels, these projectors offer high-quality images, a wide range of connection options, and plenty of user-friendliness when it comes to installation and image calibration. This makes them ideal if you like to use them for gaming, since you won’t have to contend with the sound of whirring fans drowning out the game’s soundscape.

Keep reading to learn more about the best quiet projectors, the situations in which they work best, and how you can find the best option for your needs.

Top Quiet Projectors

 #1  Optoma HD39HDR Projector


WHY WE LIKE IT: You’ll appreciate how incredibly bright this projector is, especially if you’re using it for home cinema purposes. It can mount to the ceiling, making it a far more convenient option than competing models that don’t mount to the ceiling.

  • Incredibly bright option
  • Perfect for home cinema
  • Attaches to ceiling mounts
  • Might have issues connecting

You’ll love the deep blacks and crisp whites possible when you use this projector. This is because it is HDR compatible, enabling it to connect with 4K input so you can watch your favorite content in high definition. This provides an enhanced viewing experience to consumers. Unfortunately, some consumers have reported having connection problems with their projector. It might sometimes lose connection with your gaming system or other input devices.

Beyond this, you can expect a fast response time from this projector. It has a 120-hertz refresh rate combined with an 8.4 millisecond response time. This makes it an excellent option for lighting-fast reproduction of streaming content. Whether you’re playing video games or watching a movie, this projector can keep up with the system demands of that content. It packs in 4,000 lumens of brightness so that you don’t have to worry about ambient lighting getting in the way.

 #2  Bundled LH720 Projector


WHY WE LIKE IT: The integrated 10-watt speaker will allow you to skip complicated connections to external sound systems. You’ll also have access to multiple different types of connection ports on this highly compact model.

  • Highly compact model
  • Multiple connection ports
  • Integrated 10-watt speaker
  • Not budget friendly

The 4,000 lumens packed into this model make it an excellent option for those who need to combat ambient lighting. It should be able to work even in a fully lit conference room. You’ll also enjoy the full high-definition nature of the model. It has 1920 x 1080 pixels so expect crisp detail in every projection. However, this model is meant to be used for small businesses and similar enterprises. Because of this, it is not a budget-friendly model and might be out of an average consumer’s price range.

You’ll also love the throw ratio of 1.37 to 2.13 feet and how easily adjustable this projector can be. Beyond this, it accepts multiple different connection types to put you fully in the driver’s seat when it comes time for set-up. You can use composite, S-video, two VGA ports, and two ports for HDMI. It comes with a remote control to stay on top of projection content no matter where you are in the room. Finally, you’ll have access to an integrated 10-watt speaker.

 #3  TMY Projector


WHY WE LIKE IT: If you’re looking for a bright enough model to use outside, this is an excellent match for your needs. It’s bright enough to overcome most ambient lighting. Beyond this, it’s highly portable and supports high definition.

  • Supports high definition
  • Highly portable option
  • Can be used outside
  • Might not be quite so bright

If you’re looking for a portable projector that can go anywhere you need it to, you’ve found a great option to fulfill this need. This is a small model that isn’t much bigger than a large smartphone. Even though it’s supposed to have 6,500 lumens, consumers have reported that this projector doesn’t seem quite that bright. If that’s a dealbreaker, then this isn’t a good fit for you.

It supports full high definition with 1080 pixels. However, it does have a native resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. It uses new 3LCD color technology that calibrates and adjusts automatically, ensuring that you have far better color details than you would with competing models in the same class. This model can provide a viewing size of 32” to 220”, depending on the distance from the projection screen. Speaking of which, this model includes a free 100” projection screen with its purchase.

 #4  ViewSonic PA503S Projector


WHY WE LIKE IT: You’ll appreciate the multiple features included in this multifunctional model. It will fit just as well in a living room as in a professional boardroom setting. It also features a long lamp life, so you don’t worry about replacements.

  • Big screen projections
  • Multifunctional model
  • Extremely easy to set up
  • Replacement bulbs are pricey

You’ll appreciate how versatile this projector is. You can use it in a boardroom just as easily as you could use it for a home cinema. This option also has an incredibly long lamp life. You can expect 15,000 hours of life out of the lamp before needing to replace it. Unfortunately, when you do need to replace the lamp on this projector, you’ll be paying more than with competing models. This is the number one complaint consumers have with this model.

The simple setup means you won’t have to struggle with complicated connections to get it ready to use. It’s a simple plug-and-play model that allows you to get started in seconds or minutes. You can reach a maximum projection size of 120 inches by keeping this projector 15 feet and 8 inches away from the projection screen. It also provides 3,800 lumens so that you can depend on it even when there’s a lot of ambient light in the room.

 #5  UVISION Projector


WHY WE LIKE IT: The longevity of this model will impress almost any consumer. Beyond how long it lasts, this model is also highly attractive and will look great in any room you place it in. It also works with multiple streaming services.

  • Works with streaming services
  • Extremely high longevity
  • Highly aesthetic option
  • Imagery may be a little dim

You can expect cinematic picture quality when you choose this model. It provides a stunning 5,000:1 contrast ratio. The crisp whites and deep blacks will never cease to impress the viewer, whether you’re watching a movie or playing your favorite video game. While this is an excellent projector for darker rooms, it doesn’t work quite as well when ambient lighting is present. This might be a dealbreaker for consumers that need a brighter image.

This model is around 30% smaller than most competing models. This means it’ll easily fit into any space, regardless of how small it may be. This makes it a perfect model to have in a home theater or a great option to take with you outside. Since it has fully enclosed dust proof housing, you won’t have to worry about the interior getting clogged up with debris or the longevity suffering from outside usage.

 #6  Faltopu Projector


WHY WE LIKE IT: If you need an extremely small projector that can fit into almost any space, this is a great option. Because it’s a miniature model, this is a highly transportable and convenient option that you can take anywhere.

  • Miniature model
  • Easily transportable
  • Supports high definition
  • Sometimes has dark spots appear

Since this model isn’t much larger than the remote control it comes with, you’ll have an easy time taking it wherever you go. This makes it a great model for traveling or camping if you’d like to have high-definition content. It supports 1080 pixels, so you know that it’ll provide a great image. However, you’ll want to keep a lookout for dark or green spots appearing on the image you’re projecting. This projector has a habit of doing this after using it for a while.

It’s only 2.4 inches long, so you can easily fit it into a backpack or luggage. This model is compatible with WiFi to make set-up so much easier, and it can connect with your phone. Beyond this, it provides 60 ANSI and packs in 6,500 lumens of brightness. This means that it won’t struggle with ambient light the same way competing models with lower lumens might. You’ll have access to HDMI, USB, TF card, and AV interfaces for connection options.

What Are Quiet Projectors?

Like other projectors, a quiet projector is an audio-visual device that connects to another device like a computer or flash drive to display video onto a flat surface or projector screen. All projectors use a light source and other internal components to process the data coming from the source into colors, images, and audio for you to see. After this data processing, the projector “throws” the image onto the screen from a distance, even from long distances.

Although, should you encounter issues with the display, you’ll probably want to adjust the screen by learning how to repair a projector screen. But, this does matter depending on the screen type you have: which can be a fixed screen or a pull-down projector screen.

Quiet Projectors vs Traditional Projectors

At their core, silent projectors offer the exact same type of technology as standard video projectors. Both categories feature a light source, lenses, mirrors, and connectivity ports. They also both feature cooling fans, which lower the temperature of the device. At the same time, the light source is powered on and generates heat. This fan and the noise level it produces are where quiet projectors stand out from the competition.

Traditional video projectors are noisy when their fans kick on and start cooling the device, especially over extended periods of use like movies or gaming sessions. This fan noise can disrupt your cinematic or gaming experience. Quiet projectors aim to lessen this fan noise so you don’t even notice it. In general, the best quietest projectors typically produce less than 35 decibels of noise, even when the lamp is at its hottest point.

Other than the noise levels, silent projectors are nearly identical to traditional alternatives. Of course, there are subtle differences between the specific types of projectors available on the market, but those only come into play when you shop specifically for those types.

How Quiet Projectors Work

In general, quiet projectors work in the same way as other types of projectors, depending on the specific type you purchase. The following are the most common types of projectors and how they work:

  • LCD: These top cheap projectors use a lamp for a light source, polarized mirrors to magnify the image, and LCD panels to create vivid colors. They usually offer more accurate colors than other projectors, as well as a lower price tag.
  • DLP: These projectors use a lamp for a light source, microscopic mirrors to magnify the image, and a color wheel to create the image’s colors. They usually offer more detailed images than other projectors but are often more expensive.
  • Laser: These projectors use lasers for a light source and color creation and polarized mirrors to magnify the image. They produce sharp images and accurate colors but are much more expensive than other types.

When it comes to decreasing the noise level, the quietest projectors offer either lower lamp brightness than competing models or a dedicated Eco Mode option, which lowers the lamp’s brightness. This decreases overall heat output and lessens the need for a loud, powerful fan.

Do You Really Need a Quiet Projector?

If you’ve ever found yourself in the middle of your favorite movie or an intense gaming session and have been annoyed at the loud fan noises coming from your projector, then a quiet projector is an excellent choice for you. Since these devices minimize extraneous noise as much as possible, you’ll get more immersion into your favorite movies or video games without paying a premium for expensive sound systems or headphones.

Is a Quiet Projector Worth Buying?

  • You’re a Home Theater Enthusiast: The best quiet microwaves are the perfect choice for home theater enthusiasts since they allow you to hear everything happening in your movie. Loud fan noises can be annoying in a movie, especially during tense moments with low volume overall. If you want the best cinematic experience in your home theater, a quiet projector is your best choice.
  • You’re a Video Game Enthusiast: Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore competitive gamer, a silent projector can be a huge benefit. Many video games rely on audio cues to know when an enemy is approaching you, and a loud projector fan can overpower those cues, ruining your gaming experience. A quiet projector can eliminate that problem for you. Although, you’ll want to compare video gaming projectors vs home theater projectors before you decide on one.
  • You Want a Portable Projector: If you want a portable, mini projector to take with you to a friend’s house, then you’re likely also going to rely on that projector’s built-in speakers for audio. In this sense, that projector’s cooling fan can easily overpower the audio. Ultimately, if you’re going to use a portable projector without external speakers, you’ll want to consider a quiet option.

Why a Quiet Projector May Not Be For You

  • You Don’t Notice Projector Fan Noise: If you’ve never noticed or cared about the sounds coming from your video projector, then there’s not much of a point in purchasing an option that eliminates those noises. Instead, you’d be just fine choosing a video projector that meets your needs when it comes to performance and functionality.
  • You Have a Loud Sound System or Use Headphones: If your home theater’s sound system is high quality and loud enough, then you likely won’t hear any kind of noise coming from your projector. This is especially true if the projector is installed away from where you sit. Plus, if you game with headphones on, you also won’t hear your projector. In this case, dedicating extra effort to finding a quiet projector usually isn’t worth it.
  • You Need the Most Brightness Out of Your Projector: Most silent projectors offer lower brightness than alternative options so they can achieve lower heat output. However, if you need a bright projector like the best conference room projector, then you likely won’t be able to find a quiet option, as well.

How Long Will a Quiet Projector Last?

The biggest factor that plays into your projector’s overall lifespan is its light source lamp life. According to experts at CDW, a standard lamp in an LCD projector will last around 2,000 hours before needing to be replaced. The more you use the projector, the quicker you’ll need to do some maintenance.

Of course, different types of lamps offer different lifespans. LED lamps and laser light sources, which are newer technologies, tend to offer as much as 20,000 hours of life.

Your projector’s lifespan can also be increased or decreased depending on the way you install it and treat it. For example, if you improperly install your projector on the ceiling, you run the risk of it not getting enough airflow or falling off entirely and causing damage. You should also always follow the manufacturer’s recommended operation instructions to keep things running properly.

How to Choose the Best Quiet Projector

When you start shopping for a new quiet projector, you’ll want to consider a few different factors before swiping your card or clicking that buy button. For starters, it’s important to recognize that not all quiet projectors are labeled as such. You’ll want to look for decibel ratings or customer reviews to determine noise level considerations. Apart from that, choose a projector that fits your needs in other areas, including native resolution, connectivity, brightness, and user-friendliness.

Quiet Projector Key Factors to Consider

1. What type of quiet projector should you buy?

Different types of projectors work better or worse depending on the room size and screen options. You’ll want to choose one of the following types based on your room size and the screen size you want to accomplish:

  • Short-Throw: These projectors are the most common types of projectors available today. Short-throw projectors only need three to eight feet between the device and the projector screen. They’re perfect for most room sizes, especially in your home.
  • Ultra-Short Throw: These projectors are more expensive than long-throw models, but they’re also much more flexible. The best ultra-short-throw projectors only need mere inches to three feet between the device and the projector screen. They’re the best projectors for small rooms you can buy today.
  • Long-Throw: These projectors are also common, especially in schools and office settings. Long-throw projectors need at least six feet between the device and the projector screen. They’re best for creating large image sizes while retaining high picture quality and native resolution. Long-throw projectors are often installed on the ceiling.
  • Portable: These projectors offer compact size and convenient wireless connections to mobile device options. A portable, compact projector is perfect to take with you for on-the-go entertainment. They’re also more affordable than other options.

2. What kind of native resolution and image quality do you want out of your projector?

Your projector’s resolution has a direct effect on its picture quality. A higher resolution means a more detailed and sharper picture overall. The best you can buy to get a truly stunning picture quality is a 4K resolution projector, also known as Ultra HD. However, you can also get excellent image quality with a 1080p, Full HD resolution projector.

Keep in mind that if you purchase a mini projector or a portable projector, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get Full HD or Ultra HD resolution. These projectors usually sacrifice image quality for portability and compact size, especially when it comes to larger image size options.

3. How are you going to install your quiet projector?

The space you have in your home or office setting plays an important part in your decision-making process for a new quiet projector. For the ultimate level of silence, you’ll want to install your projector away from where you’re sitting. However, depending on the type of projector you buy, you may be limited in where you can install it.

Measure your room and determine where you can install your quiet projector before you purchase one. This way, you’ll get optimal placement, the best image size, and a noise-free experience.

4. What kind of connectivity ports and options do you need on your quiet projector?

The way you connect your source media to your projector is another important consideration to make. Consider the devices you want to connect to your quiet projector and make sure you purchase an option that accepts those inputs.

The most common inputs to consider include HDMI ports, USB ports, VGA ports, and component ports. You should also consider wireless connectivity so you can connect to a mobile device like your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. With that said, some of the best smartphone projectors work better for connectivity.

5. How many lumens of brightness should you get for your quiet projector?

In general, most silent projectors offer lower brightness than traditional options so they can keep fan noise to a minimum. However, you’ll still need to determine exactly how bright you want your projector to be.

For home theater setups, you’ll need at least 1,000 lumens for a good experience. The darker you can get your home theater room to be, the fewer lumens you’ll need. An ideal home theater projector would offer around 2,000 lumens.

If you have a lot of light in the room where you are going to install your projector, then you may need to make a sacrifice when it comes to noise levels, unless the projector offers an Eco Mode.

Best Quiet Projector FAQs

Why does a projector make noise?

One of the only moving components in a video projector is the cooling fan. Moving components will always make noise and fans can be some of the loudest components in electronic devices today. Once a projector is powered on, its lamp or light source will produce heat, and the fan is needed to cool the projector down, which creates the projector.

How can I reduce the sound of my projector?

One of the easiest ways to reduce projector noise is to purchase a quiet option. However, you should also make sure it’s installed in an area with good airflow, which reduces heat and allows the fan to do its job more easily. You should also clean your projector to ensure it is dust-free.

Are laser projectors quieter?

Yes, laser projectors can be quieter than LCD options because they produce less heat overall. However, remember that they still do produce heat and have fans that turn on to cool the device down.

Do projectors make a lot of noise?

All projectors make noise, so there is no such thing as a truly silent projector. However, some make less noise than others.
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