iPhone 4 Steering Wheel With Speakers Drives Racing Games To A New Level

If the prospect of spending $200+ on a racing wheel elicits a nauseating feeling in your stomach, well, we’re right there with you.  But if you happen to own an iPhone 4 you can perhaps have a taste of that opulent gaming experience using the iPhone 4G Steering Wheel with Speakers.

Mechanically it’s not more than a case with a set of speakers.  Nonetheless, it should bring another level of engagement, however small, to your iPhone’s racing games.

The speakers are powered by its own rechargeable battery and connect via a 3.5mm headphone jack.  We would have preferred a version with an extended battery that can power both the speakers and the iPhone, but maybe that’s still under R&D.  And besides, the some what limited feature set means a low price of $22.20 before shipping.  Not bad, but good luck whipping this badboy in public, unless your 10.

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  1. This is actually a great device for the iPhone. I think I might consider getting this one but doesn't it seem to eat too much space just for playing a racing game on the iPhone?

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