The best projectors should immerse you in your entertainment.

As immersive entertainment technologies continue to grow, it looks like our own personal VR headsets and holograms are just around the corner. Immersis, however, doesn’t like the idea of waiting. This tech project wants to bring immersive experiences to your living room ASAP, and without a requirement to buy a new curved HDTV screen or empty your wallet for VR devices. If you prefer to rock a standard projector though, check out the best projector screens.

This Kickstarter project uses a fish-eye lens projector device to create a 180-degree content project based on the video showing on your TV. Normal, traditional 2-dimensional content will be projected as a flat image. But if you are playing compatible video games (those designed with a 3D engine), showing off panoramic images, or using 3D devices, Immersis gets really interesting and projects its broader 180-picture, based directly from your content. You can also include TVs, monitors and tablets in the projection, depending on what sort of look you are going for.

It sounds a little weird, but makes much more sense when you see it in action. Immersis turns the walls, ceiling and floor of your living room/entertainment area into a sort of all-encompassing projector screen. Sure you still use your TV and controller like you usually would, but the image and environment expands to fill your field of vision and moves along with the content on the screen, making it feel much more like you are actually there.

Immersis uses a combination of 3D modeling of your living room and algorithms that can track the placement of projected pixels to make all this sleight of hand work. The result is impressive, although it works much better when playing video games than when watching Netflix. There are also a few obvious limitations to the technology: It works best in a darkened room with closed windows, no reflective surfaces and lots of simple planes. More complex spaces may not see the same result.

With around a month left to go, Immersis has almost reached its $100,000 goal, so this Kickstarter is very likely to see the light of day in some form. You can visit the page now to read more about the details, how Immersis compares to Microsoft’s Illumiroom, and what various pledges will get you. Pledge $1,000 and you get $1,500 knocked off the expected MSRP, which makes it sound like Immersis will definitely be on the pricey side.

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