Gunn Audio’s SX Smart Speaker Series Is World’s First Sound System That Runs Android (video)

CES will see the launch of the world’s first Android sound systems with built-in Wi-Fi and LCD touch screen with Gunn Audio’s SX Smart Speaker Series. It allows users  to browse the Google Play Store via its 7” LCD touch screen, as well as visit their favorite music and video services such as Spotify, Pandora and YouTube. Running on Android, it hooks directly into your home Wi-Fi, with all your favorite music apps supported in the speakers and controlled by its touchscreen so  you don’t have to use your phone or computer to control it.

The Smart Speaker Series also features USB USB, HDMI, AUX, DLNA, Bluetooth and a flash drive, so that whether you are connected to Wi-Fi or not,  the music never stops with this system. Their flagship system is the SX-4 Manta, which retails for less than $800,  stands at a compact 2-foot tall and features an 8” subwoofer. Its 4”x4” drivers and 2”x1” tweeters deliver a pure, crisp and full-bodied sound without ever distorting – even when you’re blasting your tunes at maximum volume. The audiophile level sound quality is produced by only the finest components and cabinets. Others in the series include: SX-1 Clipper, SX-2 Reefer, SX-3 iWall and SX-5 Wayfarer.

Gunn Audio SX Smart Speaker

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  1. if its anything like all the other gunn audio products they are just cheap chinese products they buy in bulk and stick there name on them
    all there products are cheap chinese junk, i would not recommend them to anyone

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