Gadget Review: One True Media To Rule Them All


One True Media, or OTM, is an online service that allows you to easily create video and photo montages, and allows you to easily: post them on your favorite social networking website, email them, post them on YouTube, send them to a cell phone, make a public gallery, or burn to a DVD that you can purchase directly from the site.  You can even upload your video to a Tivo channel and watch it on your TV.  The site caters to people who know little or nothing about video editing, and it holds your hand the whole time, if you let it.

An already established company with a staff of around 20, One True Media has over 3 million registered users producing about 70,000 videos a week that see 4 million views a week.  Going well I’d say.  Having previously never heard of One True Media, I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

One True Media’s website is very colorful and flashy.  At first it looks like there are too many options, and you don’t know where to start. Fear not, after browsing through the menus for a bit, it became very simple to navigate the interface, and go where I wanted to go.  The first step is to upload all the video/pic files I wanted to associate with my montage.  After that it’s extremely easy and user friendly to customize your montage in a variety of ways.  OTM gives you the option to fine tune or cut out frames by actual visible frame, or by seconds, if you want your clips to be of a certain length.

You can also add music from the OTM library or add your own to whatever length, across whatever video clip, or pic that you want.  You can also add text to wherever you want in the montage.  There are lots of transition options between clips, and there are even more themed varieties for whatever the topic of your montage.  All of the themes have animated segues to tie all the videos and pics together, and they are all really fun and whimsical.  I made my girlfriend a Valentines day montage, and there were a couple lovey dovey themes I chose from.  After you do all that, you can choose to upload to myspace or what have you, or make a DVD.  There are more easy options you can use to design the cover and back of your DVD.  One thing I wanted was to use a stand alone pic for cover art, but it seemed unavailable.  I had to add the pic I wanted to use on the cover within my montage. That was fine, but I just wanted to do it the other way.  The whole process of making and editing my video montage was way easier that I thought it would be when I first got to the OTM site, and I felt like I had actually made something special when I was done.

DVD pricing works like this:

  1. Buy 1 for $25 a piece
  2. Buy 2-3 for $20 a piece
  3. Buy 4-9 for $16 a piece
  4. Buy 10 or more for $10 a piece

Three days after placing my order through OTM, I received it in my mailbox.  The DVD itself and the packaging had a nice glossy sheen to it and looked very professional.

OTM is a total quality service that is great for anyone looking for a great way to showcase their digital media.  Soccer moms, teenagers, or anyone looking to make a great gift that will last a lifetime.  I was very pleased with the way my DVD came out and I’m sure it will make my girlfriend very happy.  I will definitely use One True Media in the future to make my parents gifts for Xmas, or to post a montage of me partying in Vegas for CES 2009.


  • Super easy and intuitive interface allowing for streamlined video editing
  • Fun theme options for a variety of scenarios
  • Fairly priced for such an easy to use and quality service


  • None

Check out One True Media here

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