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Cheap wireless printers are a boon for a small scale home office. And most users who need a printer for a home office are actually looking for the best ink efficient printer out there in order to save money in the long run. The Epson WF3720 Workforce Wireless Printer is one of those printers that comes in at a very enticing price point.

Why We Like It – Epson WF3720 Workforce Wireless Printer

The Epson WF3720 Workforce Wireless Printer might not be the best at everything; the price point of it alone makes up for it. The fact that you can get a usable color inkjet printer at just $120 is astonishing, to say the least. And the Epson Workforce Pro WF 3720 Wireless Printer doesn’t really make any significant usability sacrifices to achieve this price point either.

  • 35-sheets automatic document feeder
  • 250-sheet paper capacity tray
  • Automatic duplex printing supported
  • Replacement ink cartridges are very expensive


As usual with almost every color inkjet printer, the Epson WF3720 Workforce Wireless Printer is very fast. In fact, it even beats some of the older high-end color laser printers available out there when it comes to print speed. You can expect around 20 PPM black and about 10 PPM color print. These are actually some of the highest ISO print speeds you can see in a printer below $400.

Print Quality

It’s an Epson color printer, so the print quality is bound to be good. The maximum print resolution you can select is about 4800 x 2400 DPI. So you can get some very crisp and detailed prints as well. And you get a 1000 DPI optical scanner too. However, the color quality is no match for the Canon PIXMA G5020 MegaTank Inkjet Printer.


A color inkjet printer will always be more efficient than a color laser printer when it comes to power consumption. So, it’s not really surprising to see the Epson Workforce Pro WF 3720 Wireless Printer’s low power consumption. But, surprisingly, it’s also very efficient in terms of ink cartridge usage. With normal use, you might not have to replace your ink cartridges for as long as three months. And when just one color ink cartridge costs more than half of the price of this printer, you better not keep replacing your ink cartridges every month. Actually, the Brother INKvestment MFC-J985DW is much better in this aspect.

Advanced Features

This one printer has every single useful feature crammed into it. It features Epson’s “Wi Fi Direct,” their marketing term for Wi Fi and other wireless network connectivity. But, for remote printing, you do need to set up an Epson Connect account. Duplex printing is another nice value add on. And it supports pretty much every operating system ranging as far back as Windows XP or macOS 10.14. Do note that it doesn’t have Apple AirPrint compatibility. For that, you should get the Brother MFC-J805 instead.


At just $120, the Epson Workforce Pro WF 3720 Wireless Printer is dirt cheap and provides incredible value. At its current price, this color inkjet printer is most definitely worth it. And it is a full-fledged printer, so it doesn’t really have any chronic downgrades that might become a dealbreaker for some.

Epson WF3720 Workforce Wireless Printer Wrap Up

Overall the Epson WF3720 Workforce Wireless Printer offers amazing quality and performance, something you don’t normally see at this price. All in all, it’s a terrific color inkjet printer.

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