Duke Nukem 3D Arrives On The iPhone: One Day Launch Price For $2.99 (video)


The early 90’s “king of action” makes his presence known yet again with this newly released iPhone version of Duke Nukem 3D.  On sale for just today at a low price of $2.99, the games boasts a total play time of about 20 hours.  That’s huge in comparison to other high profile games that are more expensive and play much shorter.

Looking sharper than its old school counterparts such as Doom and Wolfenstein, the graphics still feel archaic at best and very 1991.  If you take a look at the video you will see that a new play mechanic has been developed, letting you use both sides of the screen to control your movements while you tap the screen where your aiming reticule is to shoot at the enemy.  Good idea.  Hopefully we’ll see this type of gameplay in future FPS conversions on the iPhone.  Here’s a synergistic idea:  Combine Ash from the Evil Dead franchise and Duke Nukem for a B-Movie style online co-op game!



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