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If you’re shopping for the best mesh office chairs, you should begin by considering the seat height adjustment and selecting a chair with a range compatible with your workspace. Don’t forget about lumbar support, as you’ll most likely be sitting in that chair for long periods and will need the added support. Other adjustable options such as tilt/recline, headrests, and armrests can make sitting in a chair for extended periods more comfortable. And additional features like flip-up arms, caster wheels, and 360-degree swivel can give you added mobility even while seated.

After conducting thorough research through countless customer reviews, we nominated the Herman Miller Aeron mesh office chair as our Top Pick. Keep reading to learn more about our selection criteria and to shop from our recommendations for the best office chairs.

Top 10 Mesh Office Chairs

 #1  Herman Miller Aeron Mesh Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: One of the best ergonomic office chairs is an all-mesh office chair available in three sizes with the ability to support up to 350 pounds.

  • Suspended supportive seat
  • Available in 3 sizes for full customization
  • Supports up to 350lbs
  • Lacks an actual seat cushion

The Herman Miller Aeron is something of an anomaly because it’s an all-mesh office chair, but it’s one of the only full-mesh office chairs that we would recommend because it’s designed with ergonomics as a priority. This Herman Miller chair is our Top Pick because it’s also one of the best ergonomic office chairs that are sold in more than one size. While our focus is on the size A chair, you can also opt for the B or C sizes which can accommodate larger or taller individuals. The Aeron A is ideal for shorter to average-height individuals with a height adjustment range from 14.75 to 19 inches. Plus, with a 350-pound weight capacity, this is a reasonable choice for most individuals.

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We also like that this pick is available in three colors for enhanced customization. More importantly, anyone with existing back problems such as scoliosis will get superior lumbar and sacral support thanks to the suspended mesh design. This Herman Miller chair uses an 8Z Pellicle elastomeric suspension throughout the seat and backrest. Shift between three reclining postures, and you have the option to adjust the forward tilt tension. Another nice feature is the seat angle adjustment to ensure proper posture. Other key features are the waterfall edge in the seat to relieve pressure on your legs and an arm height that can be adjusted from 6.8 to 10.8 inches, along with their angle too. You may also be interested in the best office chair for scoliosis that can also be used to help prevent sciatica, herniation, muscle strain, and fatigue.

 #2  Modway Articulate Mesh Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: A sturdy pick with a 30-degree recline, nearly four inches of seat height adjustment, and built-in lumbar support makes this one of the best mesh office chairs.

  • Available in 4 colors
  • 30-degree recline support
  • Supports up to 350lbs
  • Lumbar support isn’t adjustable

The Modway Articulate office chair is one of the best mesh office chairs because it comes with a range of features while still being moderately priced, making it accessible to a wider customer base. We like that this is a mesh-combination office chair with a breathable mesh backrest that features built-in lumbar support. There’s also a plush six-inch seat cushion with a waterfall edge to help alleviate uncomfortable pressure points.

You’ll get three adjustment levers to control the height adjustment, seat tilt, and back tilt. You’ll also appreciate that you get up to 30 degrees of recline support and a seat height that can shift between 19.5 and 24 inches. The only real drawback we found with this chair is that the lumbar support isn’t adjustable. But you get a seat depth of 20 inches which is ideal for most users. And for people who like armrests, you’ll like that the Modway Articulate has padded armrests that support height adjustment. More importantly, this seat can support up to 331 pounds. You should also try the best ergonomic kneeling chair that relieves back pain without shifting discomfort to other parts of your body. Or if kneeling isn’t your thing, you can always go with the best desk chair for back pain.

 #3  Serta Essential Mesh Low-Back Mesh Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: An armless mesh office chair with a breathable backrest and nearly four inches of seat height adjustment makes this ideal for home or commercial use.

  • Seat height adjustment from 16.75 to 20”
  • Armless for increased range of motion
  • Bonded leather and mesh combination design
  • Lower weight capacity of 250lbs

For people who want a supportive chair that’s still comfortable, it makes sense to shop from brands known for ergonomic designs. But this becomes even more important if you’re shopping for an armless office chair. The Serta Essential mesh office chair combines comfort with a sleek modern design that would work in a variety of professional or personal settings. While the brand is better known for creating mattresses, they’ve also created quite a name for itself in the office furniture category. Their Essential mesh office chair is available in three colors but has a lower weight limit of just 250 pounds

Still, we like that this model has built-in lumbar support and a breathable mesh backrest. Another common — yet essential — feature is the waterfall edge on the seat. And you get nearly four inches of seat height adjustment from 16.75 to 20 inches. Other essentials include 360 degrees of swivel and the five casters for easier mobility. And for added comfort, you should try the best office chair seat cushion.

 #4  BestOffice Big and Tall Mesh Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: A sturdy ergonomic mesh office chair that can support up to 400 pounds with five inches of height adjustment and adjustable lumbar support makes this ideal for larger individuals.

  • Height range from 17 to 22”
  • Quick assembly in just 15 minutes
  • 6 position adjustable lumbar support
  • Lacks recline feature

Sometimes finding the right supportive and comfortable chair can feel like you’re taking a page from Goldilocks’ playbook. We like the BestOffice big and tall office chair because it has one of the largest weight capacities that we saw through our research. This is a pretty impressive pick with a 400-pound capacity and a wider seat height adjustment of five inches from 17 to 22 inches. You can also shift between six lumbar support positions, making this a great customizable choice and one of the best ergonomic mesh office chairs we’ve seen.

As is common, this is a mesh-combination chair with a breathable backrest. While this pick lacks a recline feature, we like that the armrests can be adjusted for increased comfort and padded too. The height is shifted through pneumatic controls for smooth movement. And you’ll also get a 24-inch wide seat which can accommodate a wider range of individuals too. For additional options, check out our best big, tall office chairs buying guide.

 #5  Sihoo Ergonomics Mesh Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: An ergonomic office chair with an adjustable headrest and customizable lumbar support while also offering up to 36 degrees of reclining capability makes this ideal for people with back pain.

  • 360-degree swivel
  • Customizable lumbar support
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Gas shocks may leak air prematurely

If you spend a lot of time at your desk, you need a comfortable and supportive chair. Specifically, you’ll want to look for models that offer more customizations than simply adjusting your chair height. The Sihoo ergonomic office chair is a great option for people who like to take mini breaks by leaning back in their chairs. We like that you can recline from between 90 to 126 degrees for a total of 36 degrees of recline support. But we like that this model also comes with a headrest that can be adjusted up to 45 degrees and raised or lowered by 3.9 inches.

If you prefer a chair with armrests, you’ll like that these can be adjusted by 2.7 inches and with 36 degrees of angle adjustment. The seat height can be adjusted from 17.1 to 21 inches thanks to the smooth gas shocks. One of the most important features of this sleek mesh-combination executive-style chair is that you get adjustable lumbar support. You can shift the lumbar support up or down by 1.9 inches and push it in or out by up to 1.2 inches. For a chair with lumbar support that includes a removable USB-powered massaging pillow to ease the discomfort, have a look at the best office chair for back pain.


 #6  Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: A mesh office chair with a large seat height range that supports rock tilt and armrest adjustments and comes in a wide array of colors makes this great for standing desks or drafting tables.

  • Available in two frames and eight colors
  • Seat height from 23.5 to 31”
  • 3-way adjustments for back, seat, and armrests
  • Armrests may not be compatible with keyboard trays
  • Low weight capacity at 250lbs

When you work at a standing desk or drafting table, either the best drafting chair or seat with a larger height adjustment range is essential. We like the Flash Furniture mesh office chair because it has one of the widest seat height adjustment ranges that we found in our research. With a range from 23.5 to 31 inches, you get almost eight inches of height controls. This is another model that features the popular mesh-combination design for a breathable backrest that offers built-in lumbar support.

This Flash Furniture pick comes in two frame colors and eight upholstery shades for true customization that will work with most professional and residential settings. We also like that this pick features flip-up armrests that are padded for extra comfort. However, this is on the lower end at just 250 pounds for the weight capacity. We also noted that while the brand promotes that this chair can recline, customer reviews noted otherwise and mentioned that it doesn’t recline very well. Consider the best executive leather office chair with a 360-degree swivel movement and a tilt-tension knob.

 #7  Devoko Mesh Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: A simple mesh-combination office chair with a commendable seat height range and flip-up arms that comes in four colors is great for use in home offices and for remote work locations.

  • Supports up to 280lbs
  • Flip-up armrests
  • 5” seat height adjustment from 15 to 20”
  • Hydraulics can be inconsistent

Depending on how you use your home office, you might not sit in it for hours a day like you would in a commercial office setting. And that means that while you still need a comfortable office chair, you may not need one with quite as many features if you only use it for an hour or two each day. The Devoko office desk chair is a great choice if you’re working from home because it’s a mesh combination chair with a medium seat height range of five inches from 15 to 20 inches. This should be ideal for most average-height individuals or if multiple people will be using the chair.

We also like that this pick can support up to 280 pounds. That’s not the largest weight capacity we’ve seen, but it should be more than sufficient for the average user. Another nice feature is the padded flip-up adjustable arms for a wider range of motion. While this model doesn’t recline, you do get tilt/rocking support and a plush 3.34-inch thick padded seat with a waterfall edge for added comfort. And as is common, this is another chair set on casters for increased mobility. Compare this to one of the most comfortable office chairs, and it comes with a variety of standard features that are intuitive while still being a great affordable option.

 #8  Nouhaus Ergo3D Mesh Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: A mesh office chair with a headrest that mimics the look of an executive-style chair while supporting a 135-degree angle recline with fully adjustable armrests and capacity for up to 275 pounds.

  • Large 135-degree recline
  • Supports up to 275lbs
  • Adjustable armrests and headrest
  • Lacks footrest

If you’re a fan of executive chairs, but dislike the overly padded design, this pick from Nouhaus is a great compromise. While it’s a mesh-combination design, you still get some of the more intuitive and comfortable features that you associate with executive and gaming chairs. To start, you’ll get a mesh office chair with a headrest that can be raised, lowered, and up to 135 degrees of tilt and recline. We also like that this chair features adjustable lumbar support so you can customize the backrest to give you the proper support exactly where you need it.

The Nouhaus chair is rated for up to 275 pounds, which is in the lower range from our research. Another key feature is the 3.9 inches for seat height adjustment that relies on a hydraulic gas lift for smoother movement. You can also adjust the armrests for up and down, and angle controls for increased comfort. This chair is also available in four colors so it can work in various decor schemes. For a more generous height range, take a peek at the best office stability chair that also comes with non-slip vinyl and a good weight capacity.

 #9  Vnewone Ergonomic Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: A wallet-friendly office chair with built-in lumbar support, 30-degree recline functionality, and a mesh-combination design for enhanced breathability.

  • 30-degree recline support
  • Mesh combination design for breathability
  • Built-in lumbar support
  • 250 lbs weight capacity

When you’re shopping on a budget, you shouldn’t compromise ergonomic support for a wallet-friendly solution. The Vnewone chair is a great compromise for someone who needs a supportive chair but isn’t in the market for one of the more expensive models from our guide. This straightforward chair does require assembly but features the essentials that make it a smart choice for long-term use.

This mesh-combination office chair has built-in lumbar support throughout the mesh backrest. While the armrests are fixed and aren’t padded, we do like that you get four inches of seat height adjustment from 17 to 21 inches. You’ll get 250 pounds of weight support on the lower end. However, we do like that you’ll get a 30-degree tilt mechanism and that this pick is available in four colors with casters and 360-swivel functionality. If you’re big on aesthetics, you should also take a look at the best office stools that focus on height adjustability, ergonomics, weight capacity, and 360° swivel capability.

 #10  Smugdesk Mid-Back Mesh Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: A mesh-combination office chair with a taller height adjustment range and a weight capacity of up to 270 pounds makes this one of the best office chairs for tall people.

  • Great for drafting tables/standing setups
  • Taller height adjustment from 21 to 25”
  • Supports up to 250lbs
  • Fixed armrests lack padding
  • 18-inch seat width

Just like with left-handed people, being tall can feel like the world isn’t catered to your needs. And when it comes to finding an office chair, this can mean that even an ergonomically designed chair might not be compatible or comfortable for a taller person. We like the Smugdesk office chair because we feel it’s one of the best office chairs for taller people. Yet, at just 18 inches wide, this is one of the narrowest seat widths that we’ve seen.

There’s also a 250-pound weight capacity which isn’t the worst but may make this chair best for tall people who are also on the smaller side. Still, you get four inches of height adjustment from 21 to 25 inches. So, this would also be a great pick for people who work at drafting tables or use a standing desk. Other standard features include the mesh-combination design, built-in lumbar support throughout the backrest, and a cushioned, breathable seat. However, some people may dislike the armrests, which are fixed and aren’t padded. For a more affordable option that still offers comfort, check out the top 6 best office chairs under $300.

How We Decided

Mesh office chairs are standard for office furniture because they’re some of the most comfortable and affordable options. To create our guide for the best mesh office chair, we focused on seat height, lumbar support, adjustability, style, and additional features. All of our picks came with lumbar support. However, only a few offered adjustable lumbar support, which allows for enhanced customization to meet the specific curve of your spine.

Seat height adjustment is important for ergonomic support. You want your seat height to be at a level where your arms are parallel to your desk. However, depending on the type of desk you have — such as a drafting table or standing desk — you may need to look for a chair with a taller height range so that you can work comfortably. We did include a few chairs that are ideal for taller desks. Likewise, if you’re taller or shorter, you’ll want to pay attention to the seat height range so that you can work comfortably, even if your desk is a standard height.

Adjustability covers more than just how high or low you can adjust your seat height. Other key options include armrests, recline or tilt/rock, and headrests. If you prefer a chair with armrests, having the freedom to adjust the height or angle them can make your chair more functional. Likewise, being able to recline or rock back can help to take the pressure off your back. And an adjustable headrest can further help to provide proper support so that your spine is in alignment, especially if you’re leaning back.

Mesh office chairs tend to have a similar look, but it is possible to find models that stand out. For example, if you prefer an armless chair, that’s going to look very different from a traditional mesh office chair without a headrest. And in some cases, you can find mesh office chairs that look similar to gaming or executive chairs.

And finally, additional features can make your chair more intuitive. In this case, we focused on options such as flip-up armrests. All of the chairs in our guide are set on caster wheels and offer 360-degree swivel support for enhanced functionality.

Best Mesh Office Chairs Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Factors To Consider

Seat Height
As you shop for the best mesh chair for your office, keep these key points in mind. You don’t want to buy a great ergonomic mesh office chair and it not work for you. For an office chair, you want to be able to adjust the seat height. If you can’t adjust the seat of a great mesh back office chair, as you wouldn’t be able to on basic sturdy mesh chairs, it won’t be beneficial to you.

Depending on the height of your desk, you should be able to raise or lower the seat so that your arms are parallel to the desktop. Typically, you can find chairs with a seat height adjustment that ranges between three to 10 inches. For standard desks, three to five inches of height adjustment is fine.

But drafting or standing desks will need seats with a wider adjustment range. And if you’re willing to invest, splurge-worthy seats offer independent adjustments for the backrest. You can also compare mesh vs fabric office chairs or check out the Modway Veer drafting stool before making a buying decision.

Lumbar Support
This is the most critical point of the best mesh ergonomic office chair, especially if you’re going to be sitting in a chair for more than half an hour. Not just any great mesh desk chair will work, it must be a strong office mesh chair with a focus on ergonomic support.

Ideally, look for ergonomic chair models with built-in lumbar support. However, some chairs offer adjustable lumbar support so that you can customize that feature to the specific natural curve of your spine. Many of the best DXRacer gaming chairs have excellent lumbar support, too.

That said, don’t forget about your seat. Back support is necessary, but so is seat comfort, which is why you’ll want to find a great mesh seat office chair. Additionally, if you’re looking for even more comfort, consider investing in the best ergonomic stool to work from.

Along with adjustable seat height, other adjustments can be just as important for maximum comfort. These include raising or lowering the armrests, tilt/rock, and recline functionality. Some brands will even let you adjust the seat depth, although this is considered a premium feature on an adjustable chair that’s marked at far beyond a reasonable price. These adjustable features allow for a comfortable seat for a range of body types. Speaking of adjustability, if your height is rather small, you’ll probably want to look into a great office chair for short people.

Mesh office chairs can be further broken down into all mesh or mesh-combination models. All mesh means that both the backrest and seat are made from a mesh material, like with the NeueChair by Secretlab. While this is ideal for breathability, unless you invest in a more expensive chair, there’s a risk that the seat can sag from repeated use and no longer properly support your body. A mesh-combination chair usually features a mesh backrest and a fabric-covered seat. With these models, you’ll want to look for seats with a supportive memory foam cushion and a fabric that helps to ventilate rather than trap heat. You can check out our guide on the best armless office chair for some great models like this. Mesh chairs can also come in a variety of colors, like the BestOffice ergonomic mesh chair.

Additional Features
Some other nice-to-have features that you might want to consider include a footrest, casters, and 360-degree swivel functionality. A footrest is ideal if you pick a chair with a wider height adjustment range so that your feet aren’t dangling in the air and creating pressure on your legs. 360-degree swivel gives you a wider range of mobility, especially if you find that you frequently turn throughout the day. And casters can be ideal so you can move without physically standing and moving the chair.

Mesh Office Chairs FAQs

Are mesh office chairs better?

It depends on how supportive the chair is. A mesh office chair is usually less expensive than an executive or gaming chair. However, you need to make sure that the chair you pick provides lumbar support and offers the right height adjustment for your needs.

What is the best office chair for sitting long hours?

You’ll want to look for a chair with proper lumbar support that doesn’t constrict or create pressure on the natural curve of your spine. Look for options with a seat height adjustment range that’s compatible with your desk so that you’re able to work with your arms parallel to the height of your desk. Also, consider breathability to increase your comfort. And other features like whether or not you want armrests.

How long do mesh office chairs last?

If you pick a quality chair, a good mesh office chair should last from five to 10 years.

Are mesh chairs comfortable?

Mesh chairs are a popular choice because they’re comfortable and tend to be more affordable than other models like executive or gaming chairs. Especially with mesh-combination chairs, people like that they provide proper support especially in the lumbar area while also offering breathability.

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