The Beolab 90 Speakers Cost $79,000

What costs $79,000 and doesn’t have four wheels and engine?  If you’re looking at the above picture you guessed it: the Beolab 90s. Certainly one of the best floor standing speakers around.

Launched recently here in the US, I had the pleasure of checking out these behemoth, eye popping speakers first sound.  And while I didn’t sit in the sweet spot, the sound quality is as unparalleled as its design.

Beolab 90
The Beolab 90 are a stunning looking speaker, but cost $79,000.

Bang and Olufsen, the maker of the Beolab 90, has been in the game for, well, 90 years.  So it’s a fitting number and perhaps chosen for that reason.

Under the hood (or grill in this case) are 18 “state-of-the-art Scan-Speak loudspeaker drivers” in each speaker.  Powering each speaker, which weighs 302 lbs each, are 14 channels of the latest generation ICEpower amplifiers and four additional class D amplifiers.  Total potential power you ask? 8200 watts, though I think you’ll need a 220 volt power connection to drive all this.  And yes, just to be clear, the Beolab 90 is an active speaker, requiring just a source for the music, such as a Blu-ray player, an iPhone or whatever suits your fancy.

Beolab 90 Bang Olufsen iPhone App
The Beolab 90 Bang Olufsen iPhone app lets you adjust sound instantly.

Thanks to the wide array of drivers housed in each speaker, 360 degree sound is a non-issue.  Though, if one so desires, audio can be sent in any one direction.  Just pick and point.  All of this can be completed by using either the dedicated Bang and Olufsen remote, an their handy iPhone app (oddly enough the picture above appears to be of an older generation iPhone).   There you can set presets and instantly transform the audio to your taste or mood at the time.  Or leave it to the speaker to determine the optimal settings, something B&O calls Active Room Compensation technology, reminding me of SONOS’ newly minted Trueplay feature.

Now, if you’re thinking about throwing down the good old Amex Black Card for these, hit me up so I can broker a deal and see what kind of commission I can score.  Joking. Or am I?

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