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Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8 iPod Dock (video)

This is B&O’s iPod/iPhone dock.  It costs a mind altering $1,400, though that is based off the UK price of £900.  Still though, this is an earth shattering price, especially when you consider every other iPod Dock speaker system on the market today.

The discs are in fact the speakers and can each pump out 70 watts of juice, which is damn impressive given their size.  If the iPhone isn’t your main mode of audio playback there is also a USB plug, AUX headphone input and the ability to stream tunes “using the Apple Airport Express”.  Seriously? Like we didn’t know that you could stream tunes over Apple’s Airport Express?

Despite its small size, you’ll need to plug this overpriced piece of kit into the wall to get it running.  But if that caveat is too much for you, perhaps you’ll take solace in knowing that it can come in black in addition to a white finish. The speaker grills that can be switched out with different colors for added individualism. Word is that you can control it using a B&O phone – does anyone even own one of those – and there is a remote, which is pictured here sitting in the device.  Lastly, there is a “manual room adaptation switch with 3 positions which allows it to be placed anywhere without compromising the sound performance”.

Expect it to hit store shelves in the UK this November.  No word on a US price or release date.



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