Aminy Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Cancelling Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If all you’re on phone calls or Zoom meetings or on WebEx or otherwise online a lot (and during the pandemic that’s most of us), then you probably know about (and maybe already have) a wireless Bluetooth headset. Freeing up both hands to type or shift through papers just makes life easier, plus you’re free to roam. The top-rated bluetooth headsets buyer’s guide includes an AMINY Bluetooth Headset (rated No. 7 and given the ‘Best Outdoor Headset”’ award), the Aminy Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Cancelling reviewed here is not that one –although similar in appearance this is a variant from the same maker. These Aminy Bluetooth Wireless Earphones feature separate on-ear graphene speaker drivers, with ear-hooks containing an integrated battery that securely and comfortably locks them onto each ear, and active noise cancellation to filter out surrounding distractions.

Why We Like It – Aminy Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Cancelling

The Aminy Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Cancelling on-ear ear-hook are wireless and waterproof earphones well suited for long periods of use without discomfort. Comfortable to wear with essential capability.

  • Quality built
  • Waterproof / sweatproof
  • Noise cancelling
  • Weak bass
  • No Bluetooth dongle included


The Aminy Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Cancelling is perfect for those on the go who also may need to be talking on the phone or online. Graphene speaker drivers deliver hi fi sound quality. Good for listening to music. Wear both for stereo, or wear one if you just need to talk on the phone and don’t want to listen to music (note that the ICOMTOFIT Bluetooth headset is a single ear BT headset and winner of the “Best for Active Sound Elimination” award in the buyer’s guide). The graphene drivers in the Aminy speakers are lightweight and they can be turned up way LOUD (product doc includes a warning that you can damage your hearing). If you’re looking for extreme bass response, these will need EQ as their sound shape is thin on the low end. The omnidirectional microphone with vocal enhancement allows callers to clearly hear what you’re saying. Answer incoming phone calls by pressing the call button (one on each ear piece). Volume control via a volume button (again one on each ear piece). Pairing to Bluetooth devices is simple and straightforward, and once paired Aminy Bluetooth remembers the previously paired device. Recharge the two batteries by disconnecting the speaker drivers from the ear hooks, and plugging in the supplied cable into each ear hook. Aminy says these are “waterproof and sweatproof.” Probably fine for most outdoor activities (even in the elements), or good during strenuous workouts at the gym. Definitely not suitable for swimming laps or scuba diving. You may want to check out our Aminy bluetooth headset review for a much compact and comfortable bluetooth headset.


The design of the Aminy Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Cancelling features two separate on-ear graphene speaker drivers with ear-hooks containing an integrated battery securely locking them onto each ear (as opposed to Bluetooth headsets that have a headband). What Aminy calls on-ear is actually quite similar to the in-ear style of Apple Airpods, the No. 1 pick in the Buyer’s Guide. Go through our Apple airpods review if you are in the Apple ecosystem and could love bluetooth headsets that will integrate well with your iPhone. The battery ‘hooks’ are semi-flexible and their housing has a soft silicon-like material, so wearing these is both secure and comfortable. The Aminy BT headset is covered in a nano coating that’s IPX6 waterproof rated (an International IEC standard) meaning these Aminy Bluetooth Wireless Earphones are protected from a water stream coming from any angle. It doesn’t mean they are immersible in water, but they are sufficiently water resistant to wear in the rain and/or while engaged in outdoor sports. They are well made and should stand-up to all sorts of conditions. Also having call answer and volume control buttons on each earpiece lets you use either hand for control, or allows you to wear just one earpiece (right or left) for hands free calling. Pairing is easy. Just look for UFO Headset or UFO Bluetooth in the list of eligible BT devices on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. No Aminy BT dongle is included, but a carrying case is included. Aminy wireless earphones support BT V5.0 which gives them decent range. Charging requires separating the ear hooks from the speaker drivers, and then connecting both batteries to a ‘Y’ shaped cable that charges the two batteries simultaneously. Takes about 90 minutes to fully charge, and battery life provides a claimed 8 hours of talk time (likely more battery life if you include periods of standby time). Your experience will probably vary according to your specific use pattern.


For under $40 US the Aminy Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Cancelling gives you a capable set of earbuds with reasonable sound isolation, battery life, and they give your voice clarity during phone calls. If music listening isn’t ever wanted or a binaural design with a speaker on each ear isn’t needed, then check out the Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset. If you seek a sleeker more inconspicuous single ear design then look at FimiTech Wireless Bluetooth Headset.

Aminy Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Cancelling Wrap Up

The Aminy Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Cancelling is a Bluetooth headset that is well made and will stand up to many different use cases. A good choice with sound isolation, call clarity, and sound quality.