ember night photography

Night photos and videos don’t always come out the best, even with the flash. Sometimes it’s too dark or too bright, but the new Kickstarter campaign for Ember promises the best night time photos/videos you’ve ever taken! Touted as the “premiere tool for mobile night photography,” Ember is supposed to set a new standard by providing users with soft, warm light that enhances your photo’s color, clarity and overall quality. While smartphone cameras are limited by battery life and a single LED built-in flash, the Ember is a continuous light tool that’s contoured to the shape of the iPhone 5 and 5s, with its back panel illumination providing soft, warm light which makes for great night time photos and video.

ember night photography

Inspired by the function of professional fill lights that are used by photographers and videographers to light up their subject, the Ember’s 56 LED lights provide light that’s 10x brighter than the iPhone’s flash, and the built-in diffuser softens and spreads light evenly resulting in a flattering glow. The light brings out important details of pictures like sharp details, natural skin tones and vibrant colors that harsh flashes usually miss. There’s even a warming filter that’s included which adds richness, while the color filter pack gives you full control over color temperature. You can also attach accessories to it like a  microphone to the cold shoe mount, or mount the Ember to a tripod with the included adapter. Its independent battery charges via a micro-USB port on the device’s side, while you can easily slide color filters in and out with the removable top or leave the top off to use with your favorite iPhone lens. You can get your own Ember for $59 (plus a warming filter and tripod adaptor) as part of the Early Bird Special on its Kickstarter campaign with estimated delivery this July. Or pledge $99 ore more and get the Pro Package that gets you the Ember in white or black, tripod adaptor, color pack of orange, blue, red, yellow, green and purple filters.

 ember iPhone photography

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