It’s cool to see so many tech inventors embrace the cameras on our mobile devices in new ways. There are various lens attachments, some for enhanced focus and zoom–some for glare reduction and more. G-Form hauled their eye-catching G90 protective case to CES 2013 earlier this month. The thing instantly converts your phone into a sports action camera. Now Cooltopia enters the mix with their SnappGrip snap-on camera controller.

The SnappGrip camera controller, like the G90, also transforms your smartphone. Yet this time your device becomes a point-and-shoot camera with the ability to take quality photos one-handed. The company says getting started is as easy as snapping the device to the back of your smartphone and you’re ready to fire the shutter. That’s right, the SnappGrip provides your device with familiar point-and-shoot camera controls including shutter functions with focus options, shooting modes in portrait and landscape, flash, and zoom functions to better serve close-up and wider angle shots.

The SnappGrip has just stumbled out a successful Kickstarter incubator and has entered production. The company has also recently secured a sweet integration with pro-level photography apps and social networking tools. The company outlines these powerful tools and how they can be used with the SnappGrip to add quality and professionalism.

Snappgrip will now work with the popular 645 PRO and PureShot apps, which provide high quality image output with a real digital camera feel, and the Eico Design Weico+ app, an Instagram-type app that integrates into all of the Chinese and Western social networks and chat platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

The Snappgrip will be available for online preorder at Amazon, Americal and during early February for $99MSRP. Pre-order the Snappgrip by January 28, 2013 at and receive $20 off the MSRP.

Shawn Sanders

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