Galaxy S III vs. iPhone 4S: Camera Shootout (comparison)

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6 Comments to Galaxy S III vs. iPhone 4S: Camera Shootout (comparison)

  1. Sumpter Carter

    Are you crazy? All the Galaxy S3 pictures I see look better than their 4S counterparts. Besides that, at least in the first set, if you look at the road, the Galaxy S3 took a sharper picture, the other distant details are identical.

  2. spaghetina

    Thanks for the comparison. Overall, I prefer the look of the shots from the SGS3, but there’s no denying that the 4s takes nice shots, too. I found this article looking for some validation for my new SGS3 purchase, and this did it. (Not that I’m biased or anything…) I take a lot of macro shots (generally out in the bright, sunny SF Bay Area), and coming from a Captivate, which takes positively abysmal macros, I’ve been really pleased with the capabilities of the SGS3, especially in low light with the flash. Granted, it’s obvious what sort of lighting the shots are being taken in, but it’s far better than anything I could ever get before, though my old Samsung Omnia took the best macros I’ve seen from a cell phone.

  3. Terrible article. it depends what you’re looking for. both have pros and cons, in the flower picture, some people would like the contrast the warmer tones. the mustang, obviously had brighter colors in the samsung shot. phones have cameras to document something out of convenience. if they wanted quality pictures, they’d get a DSLR

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