Clarion’s new Next GATE in-car intelligent controller for iPhone offers access to some of the most popular apps in the iTunes App store right in front of you. The new device can easily be mounted to your windshield and offers access to apps like TuneIn and Pandora, along with navigation, hands-free calling and voice-dialing functionality on its 7-inch display. For navigation, the Next Gate offers INRIX Traffic, a free app with up-to-the-minute insight into the fastest routes. The INRIX Traffic app covers nearly twice as many roads as any other app and it identifies the worst delays on highways and city streets nationwide so drivers can steer clear. For navigation, InfoGation will guide you to your destination.

But Next GATE also offers access to your Facebook page and Twitter feeds using its voice-activated Vlingo app, which can actually be a distraction for drivers and should be used with caution. The unit is powered by your car’s 12 volt accessory jack, aka cigarette lighter. It connects to your iPhone via Apple’s dock connector, which means there might be a bit of cable clutter to deal with. The Clarion Next Gate will retail for $270 price, with no support for Android mentioned yet. iPhone users will be able to purchase the unit starting June 1, 2012.

Kristie Bertucci

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